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History and Overview

From our original two person office to becoming the industry leader, we never forget the customer-focused foundation that our success is built upon.

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History of the Alternate Route to Teaching

There are only two major routes to the classroom in Texas: the traditional route and the alternate route. The alternate route to certification was introduced about 20 years ago. Today, it supplies over half of all new teachers, and is continuing to grow more every year.

Growth of the Alternative Route Over 11 Years

Growth of the Alternative Route Over 11 Years

Most alternative certification programs (ACPs) are the original government entities that first formed the alternate route. Private programs were approved in 2002 to bring much needed competition and innovation to the industry, and since, they have helped fuel the tremendous popularity of the route.

Our Founders

Texas Teachers is a private alternative certification program founded in 2004. From the very start, we focused on developing innovative, customer-based strategies. We started with just two people, Kathy Schreiber-Clark and Vernon Reaser.

  • Kathy Schreiber - Clark BS, M.Ed.

    Kathy Schreiber
  • Vernon Reaser BBA, MBA

    Vernon Reaser

Kathy (BS, M.Ed.) spent her professional career in education and within the alternative certification industry. She taught for 12 years as a classroom teacher in Grand Prairie ISD and then moved on to work for 6 years with the two state-run ACPs in Regions 10 and 11 of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She then joined a long time colleague at the state's very first private ACP and spent five years helping that program grow to the largest ACP in Texas at the time. Upon meeting our other founder Vernon, she realized that they shared a mutual desire to begin a new program, and one that would ultimately pioneer the next generation of ACPs.

Vernon Reaser (BBA, MBA) has a professional background in business management, working in the banking, finance and real estate industries, and a successful entrepreneurial history with new business start-ups. Vernon brought a business focus to complement Kathy's expertise in education and ACPs. It was a great match that provided the inspiration and vision for what was to become the largest and most successful ACP in the nation and a new model for the industry.

Commitment to Service

In the early days, it was just our two co-founders who took time to personally meet with and advise each customer individually. As we've grown over the years, we are still committed to that original vision of service and support. We continue this proud tradition today with our large, professional staff who constantly provide personalized guidance and support to all our teachers.

The Texas Teachers Program Today

Each year, we help thousands of people from all across Texas start their teaching careers. Our success has made the Texas Teachers program the largest and fastest growing source of new teachers in Texas.

Texas Teachers Compared to Next Ten Largest ACPs in Size

Despite opportunities to take our program into other directions, we have chosen to specialize only in classroom teacher certifications in the state of Texas. We stay focused on what we do well and strive everyday to do it better.

Our teachers succeed at among the highest possible rates. This is a testament to the effective partnership between our very capable new teachers and the Texas Teachers program.

We help develop all the opportunities for each of our new teachers to give them every chance to succeed. As committed partners, we make 90% of our compensation contingent upon their success.

Success Rates of our New Teachers over the last five years

The alternate route in Texas is booming and the Texas Teachers ACP is booming within it.

- Representative Bill Zedler, Frm. Vice Chair House Public Education Committee