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New Rule Changes and Virtual Job Fair

Important TEA Changes to Certification

We know many of our district partners are curious regarding the scope and impact of TEA’s pending changes to certification regulations. Rest assured Texas Teachers is prepared to incorporate these changes into our program, and we will continue to provide the quality and number of teachers necessary for your classrooms. Read More

TEA Rule Changes Explained; Important Updates to the Texas Teachers Program

Texas Teachers Curriculum – What’s NEW!!

In January, we will launch the all-new Texas Teachers curriculum designed to create a greater engagement with our prospective teachers to ensure they are ready to teach and succeed! Specific changes include: Read More

Texas Teachers and Jia Jia Partner In Recruiting International Candidates to Address Teacher Shortages

Texas Teachers has partnered with Jia Jia in an effort to recruit Chinese candidates with a strong educational background in teacher shortage areas.  Jia Jia, based out of Frisco, TX, has both cultural ties and professional experience with a solid network of top Chinese universities that are producing quality graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  Texas school districts struggle to find qualified teachers for these subjects, paying teacher stipends that place starting salaries well over $50,000, while the TEA offers student loan forgiveness programs as incentive.

Read More

A Strong Hiring Season is Now Fully Underway

Vernon Reaser

Now that the uncertainty is gone and the money is there, districts can do what they normally do this time of year—hire teachers. And that is exactly what is happening. Thousands of people all across Texas are currently being hired to teach at districts, charter and private schools. Read More

Understanding the Impact of the Texas State Budget Shortfall for Teachers

Vernon Reaser

Texas Teachers President, Vernon Reaser, addresses the economic climate and impact of the Texas state budget shortfall on the teaching profession. Read More

Districts Expect Uptick in Teacher Hiring Next School Year

As the economy starts to improve, many recruiters in school district HR departments believe that the upcoming 2010 – 2011 school year will see stronger hiring than experienced in the current year. Read More

Teacher Professionalism Creates Success on Campus

It is important to take the initial development of your image for your new teaching profession very seriously.  New teachers do not have any history with their co-workers or supervisors and therefore are creating their reputation for the very first time, and doing so in the challenging first year of teaching. Read More

Federal Money Boosts State Special Education Departments

The federal stimulus money to school districts is dramatically helping to fund the Special Education departments more than ever.  Some districts are seeing their budgets increase by five fold or more. Read More

Clearly Defined Grading System Will Start Your Year off with an “A”

As teachers we are constantly assessing our students. Informal questions, class participation and daily work let us get a picture of what our students know before the quiz and test grades do. Read More

More Focus On In-State Hiring as Districts Travel Less to Recruit

Due to budget constraints and the fact that Texas has a tremendous number of qualified teacher candidates, districts are increasingly looking to in-state recruiting to fill their teaching positions. Read More