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Texas Must Have Teachers

Texas Teachers president, Vernon Reaser, addresses the economic climate and impact of the Texas state budget shortfall on the teaching profession and job market.

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President's Letter: A Strong Hiring Season is Now Fully Underway

Now that the uncertainty is gone and the money is there, districts can do what they normally do this time of year—hire teachers. And that is exactly what is happening. Thousands of people all across Texas are currently being hired to teach at districts, charter and private schools.

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Texas Teachers Embraces Recruiting Technology

March 7, 2017

Focused on Solving Critical Teacher Shortages

Texas Teachers Teacher Certification announced their first Virtual Job Fair, hosted through, to match qualified teaching candidates with open school district positions. Texas Teachers has held highly successful in-person job fairs each summer, but this first virtual job fair will allow hundreds of school district recruiters and teacher candidates to network much earlier in the hiring season than ever before. Read More

12 Years of Teaching Jobs: An Amazing Milestone

February 2, 2017

12 years ago today, we started working diligently to help solve the teacher shortage in Texas by filling teaching jobs with highly qualified teachers.  We worked with school districts across the state to ensure they had the talent they needed so that every student could have a great teacher.  And the numbers are staggering… Read More

Strong economy, booming population create record demand for teachers.

April 9, 2014

Fierce district competition drives starting salaries to new highs. As the state breaks the 5 million mark for student enrollment in Texas public schools a new burden is being placed on districts – hiring enough teachers. For years, Texas has accounted for a full 25% of the entire US population growth. The rapid growth combined with the surging state economy has resulted in a teacher shortage not seen in a long time. Read More

Texas Teachers breaks all time record for number of new teachers hired in a single year

February 5, 2014

As hiring trends soar, the largest program in the state has once again broken its own record Texas Teachers achieved record-breaking hiring in 2013 with over 4,500 new teachers placed in the classroom. This number breaks the program’s previous record of 3,300 which was obtained in pre-recession years. This new achievement indicates that the education industry in Texas has not only rebounded, but is in a stronger position than ever before. Read More

Era of Optimism and Growth in Education: Increased Funding and Population Spurs Strength.

November 8, 2013

The current school year marks the beginning of a prosperous new era for Texas education and teacher hiring. Increased funding levels in the state budget combined with the extraordinary ongoing population growth in Texas are propelling the need for teachers to new highs. Given the demographics and strong economy of the state, this surge in teacher hiring is expected to continue indefinitely.

Right now school districts are hiring record numbers of new teachers for this Fall semester, while also preparing to hire record numbers for the upcoming Spring semester. This year, Texas Teachers is poised to break its all-time hiring record of first year teachers and is expecting this increase to continue over the coming years.

“We have demand by school districts that we haven’t seen before. We’re returning to times of teacher shortages as well as seeing shortages in new areas for the first-time. We were expecting a strong market turn around, but this strength has surprised even us,” explains Lindsay Suhor, Assistant Director of Business Development at Texas Teachers.

Texas Teachers will be focusing on making sure all of its candidates are eligible and competitive to be hired for the upcoming semesters while aggressively increasing its efforts in recruiting new candidates.

Whopping $3 billion to be injected into public education

April 5, 2013

Schools to get increased funding for teacher hiring, facilities in latest budget State legislators have come together in bipartisan support to commit billions to shore up education funding. The latest numbers from the Texas House of Representatives adds even more money onto the Senate's earlier proposed budget, all totaling a $3 billion injection into Texas schools in place for this upcoming school year. House budget chief, Rep. Pitts, hasn't ruled out even increasing the budget further to fully "restore public education funding." These latest budget numbers show that schools will finally have the money they need to fully staff their classrooms. It's more money than many people expected and it's seen as a show of confidence and support to Texas teachers and students. Read More

State looks to restore funding for education, teacher hiring

Lindsay Suhor
December 11, 2012

In what is a reversal of the earlier cuts to Texas schools, the state is now seeking to provide billions in new funding to Texas' schools and to the hiring of new teachers. The last legislative session saw some cuts, now looking to be restored with the fortunes of the booming Texas economy. Texas leads the nation in economic strength and is a magnet for US migration causing a population explosion that is expected to continue for decades. Read More

Recession Over; Districts Once Again Hiring Thousands of Teachers

Vernon Reaser
June 29, 2012

It’s official: the worst of the economic downturn in education is over, and we’ve turned the corner with gusto. So far this summer, districts have been hiring teachers at rates not seen since before the recession. There are now thousands of vacancies, and once again, shortages for teachers in many areas.

The number of teachers hired for the upcoming school year, thus far, not only drastically exceeds last year’s numbers at this time, but are matching, if not exceeding, the hiring levels from several years ago during the boom!

Mass retirements and district layoffs brought the teacher ranks down to a minimum level last year, and now we are experiencing the first of many years that will be focused on restocking those ranks.

Thanks to a continuing boom in Texas’ population growth that produces close to 100,000 new school kids each year along with an improved economic climate that provides better funding, we are looking at a great new year in the making for teacher hiring.

Districts Have More Resources than Expected; Employment Season to Run Longer and Later

Vernon Reaser
August 9, 2011

Districts around the state are currently hiring thousands of teachers to properly staff their classrooms just as the constitution requires.

Earlier this year, districts were anticipating a worst case scenario which never came to be. Instead, districts all across Texas do have the resources to hire teachers and they are doing just that. Districts, like the state’s largest, Houston ISD, will additionally hire back hundreds of teachers who were prematurely laid off earlier in the summer. Other districts, like Austin ISD, even have surplus money to give bonuses to teachers and maintain small class sizes.

“The resources are obviously much better than anyone would have thought, now we just need to communicate that message to the public,” said Stephaney Kennedy, Deputy Executive Director of Texas Teachers.

Although many districts are in fact going back and re-hiring some of the previously laid off teachers, they are not re-hiring all of them in order to open up some of those positions for new teachers who many consider to be better suited for the new challenges in today’s classroom.

This year’s hiring season got off to a late start due to the budget hold up, but now most districts are saying the hiring season will run much longer than normal.

Favorable School Budget Passes! Districts Funded to 97% of Last Year: Let the Hiring Begin!

Vernon Reaser
June 28, 2011

Districts now have the money that they need and can finally do what they do this time of year–hire teachers. The state legislature has finally passed a school budget in the special legislative session, ending months of uncertainty, as well as what turned out to be unnecessary panic over early funding shortfall predictions.

The final budget will only cut about 3% from last year, an amount that districts say they can easily manage. Further, districts around the state are already talking about raising local taxes and spending from their own reserves to completely cover the gap. In fact, from such actions, many districts, like Mission ISD, expect to end up with more funds as compared to last year.

We expect a strong teacher job market to begin developing immediately and running well into September and October for the upcoming semester. In addition, we expect to see strong hiring in the Fall for the Spring 2012 semester.

There is a substantial amount of pent up demand for teachers that is ready to unfold. It’s time for you to get back out in the job market so you don’t miss the boat.