Legal Issues

10 Quick Tips to Stay Clear of Legal Trouble on Campus

  1. Never give a student or parent your home or personal cell phone number. Also never accept any personal e-mail or text message from a student. If you receive something from a student, immediately notify your building principal.
  2. Never access a student’s online web or social networking sites. This includes popular services such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter.
  3. Consider deleting your social networking accounts, and removing yourself from other people’s accounts. If you do keep social networking accounts, never allow students to access any of it.
  4. Without Administrative approval and a colleague to accompany you, never make a home visit.
  5. Maintain the confidentiality of student information. Never discuss confidential student data with anyone unless they have legal right to have access to the information.
  6. Immediately notify your building principal and counselor of any type of abuse that is reported to you by a student, or, that you suspect.
  7. Never transport students in your personal car for any reason. Use only designated district vehicles and only for district sanctioned and approved events.
  8. Limit any physical contact with students.
  9. If students are engaged in a fight, you should not attempt to break up the fight yourself, but immediately call for security/administration. You are never allowed to use physical force on a student for any reason.
  10. Never use profanity and limit or eliminate the use of sarcastic comments as well as any suggestive or inappropriate language, actions and photos.
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