Districts Expect Uptick in Teacher Hiring Next School Year

As the economy starts to improve, many recruiters in school district HR departments believe that the upcoming 2010 – 2011 school year will see stronger hiring than experienced in the current year. The traditional hiring season starts to get underway in early spring as the first round of teacher job fairs begin to occur all around the state.

Last year many teachers who were considering retiring did not in fear that the weak economy would limit their prospects elsewhere, but now as the U.S. turns the economic corner and along with rising popular sentiment all across the country we should expect the attrition rate to start returning to a more normal and balanced level.  This year’s hiring season could also run longer and later than normal, well past summer, due to retirements coming much later in the year.

Be sure to attend all the teacher job fairs in your area and formally apply online with your targeted districts; also start as early as possible in your employment efforts. Completing your Pre-Service and passing your content test(s) quickly will make you much more marketable.