Federal Money Boosts State Special Education Departments

The federal stimulus money to school districts is dramatically helping to fund the Special Education departments more than ever.  Some districts are seeing their budgets increase by five fold or more. Special Ed is a wonderful subject area to be involved with and with all the new spending there will be many more opportunities for new teachers to get involved and hired in.

Mark Benthall with Lake Travis ISD said he’s never seen so much funding for Special Ed projects.  “This is fantastic! School districts across the state will have new opportunities to develop and offer Special Ed services.”

The funding will also spur the hiring of Special Ed teachers to offer the increased level of services.  With so many kids now mainstreamed (also called “inclusion”) into all traditional classes, this new funding is a wonderful thing for districts right now and will help with staffing and all other developmental projects and services.

If you would like to consider adding Special Ed to the subjects you are seeking to teach, simply call your Texas Teachers advisor.

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