More Focus On In-State Hiring as Districts Travel Less to Recruit

Due to budget constraints and the fact that Texas has a tremendous number of qualified teacher candidates, districts are increasingly looking to in-state recruiting to fill their teaching positions. This is good news for Texas candidates as they will have more exposure to the very districts they wish to teach in.

Districts in the past have traveled all over the country and the world, but now they are severely limiting and being much more selective with their out of state travel for recruitment. In addition, with other states starting to have their own teacher shortages it has become much more competitive to try to move teachers out of their home state, despite the relatively higher pay that teachers in Texas make.

Districts will increasingly rely on their relationships with teacher prep programs, such as the states largest, Texas Teachers, to help supply the applicants needed.

All the more reason to attend all the teacher job fairs in your area and meet the districts you targeted.  Be sure to target many districts to teach in to increase your chances of getting hired.