Teacher Professionalism Creates Success on Campus

It is important to take the initial development of your image for your new teaching profession very seriously.  New teachers do not have any history with their co-workers or supervisors and therefore are creating their reputation for the very first time, and doing so in the challenging first year of teaching. But nevertheless, it is of paramount importance to immediately set yourself out as a true professional—your career and classroom success depends on it.

New teachers from the alternate route are especially suited to be effective and productive professionals because of their diverse backgrounds and experiences. In fact, HR directors know this and actually expect a little more from alternate route teachers.

Focus on aspects of your personal professionalism that include everything from the more straight forward items like attire, punctuality and attitude, to the more demanding achievements of establishing effective and appropriate relationships with parents, students and co-worker across various situations.

Addressing this issue will help you not only gain the approval of your principal to recommend your standard certificate, but will also help set the stage for a very successful and rewarding career.  You are also furthering the image of the teaching profession with your contribution.

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