Committed to Personalized Service With Addition of New Program Advisors

Clay Mefford

Clay Mefford, Austin Program Advisor

Naseem Alavi

Naseem Alavi, Houston Program Advisor

Cassandra Franceschini

Cassandra Franceschini, Houston Program Advisor

More professional staff help provide highest level of customer service in industry

Texas Teachers has recently added three new professional staff and is looking for one more as it continues to grow.

The newest member of the Texas Teachers team, Clay Mefford, will be working in the Austin office, while Naseem Alavi and Cassandra Franceschini will be located in the Houston office.  All were selected because of their solid professionalism, energy and commitment to helping people; key values that Texas Teachers embraces as central to its success.

Texas Teachers’ Program Advisors provide a level of service that is unique in an industry which increasingly relies solely on electronic and other types of impersonal communication.  The Texas Teachers model provides its customers with all the individualized attention they need whether it be on the phone or in personal meetings at one of the offices.

It takes a large staff to deliver this level of service, and with Mr. Mefford, Ms. Alavi and Ms. Franceschini now on board, Texas Teachers has grown to a full team of 32 professionals prepared to serve all of its new teachers.

Linley Dieringer, Associate Director, explains, “While it seems that the rest of the world keeps cutting back on personalized service, Texas Teachers is moving the other direction and increasing our abilities. We want to be known as not only the best service in the industry, but one of the best service experiences anywhere.”