Texas Teachers Bucks Economy by Continuing to Grow, Helping Thousands to Start Teaching Careers

Despite sluggish year for the industry, Texas Teachers only ACP to grow.

The resilience and success of the state’s largest certification program is apparent even in the slowest of economic times.  This school year (2009-2010) Texas Teachers has grown by approximately 15% in the total number of teachers it has in classrooms.  This increase in teacher placement is the only true measure of achievement for an ACP (along with the success rate of those teachers – which consistently runs around 95% for Texas Teachers.).

“It’s exciting to be successful even in difficult times, it shows that we’re definitely giving our customers and school districts what they are looking for,” said Deputy Executive Director, Stephaney Kennedy.

Texas Teachers attributes its continued success and growth year after year to its core principals of customer service, value, quality and offering the most streamlined route to the classroom.