Texas Teachers Builds Internal Quality Control System Second to None

Quarter-million-dollar system to provide reliability for every situation and ensure customer success.

Texas Teachers is undertaking a several-month-long and $250,000 plus project, with the aid of Deloitte and Touche, the global leader in process management and consulting. The first phase of the project was to review and catalog all the processes, flows of operations and every possible situation that could arise in the teacher certification process, then compile that information into a comprehensive report. The second phase is developing recommendations for efficiencies and reliability, while the third phase will be the implementation. With this newly developed infrastructure, Texas Teachers can now integrate all aspects of the company in to a single quality control system that will provide maximum reliability for all processes.

With the tremendous growth of Texas Teachers, and with all the new and ever changing rules and regulations of the Alternate Route, it is imperative that Texas Teachers be able to ensure that all its customers and new teachers are on a successful path to teaching. Texas Teachers is the leader in providing the most efficient route to the classroom. The more information and internal process control the company has, the better Texas Teachers can advise and manage their teachers’ progress.