Texas Teachers Launches Charity Effort

The Texas Teachers Charity Initiative will support school kids of Texas.

Texas Teachers supports the school children of Texas in more ways than providing their teachers.  The Texas Teachers Charity Initiative will support meaningful projects that help provide our Texas kids with every opportunity to be healthy, happy and ready to learn.

The Texas Teachers Charity Initiative

Children who lack life’s basic necessities are in a much more difficult position to learn.  Part of the objective of the Charity Initiative is to help these kids obtain certain essentials and to establish a sense of normalcy in their lives so that learning can come more easily and with fewer barriers. The Charity Initiative also supports other exciting learning and social projects, as well as related foundations that positively engage children to enable them to realize their full capabilities.

Texas Teachers is using the size and success of its certification program to help make a difference with the very people the business is ultimately focused on—Texas’ kids.