Your Internship Year

  • Your Professional Coach

    Our professional coaches are experienced educators and former principals who will observe your class and offer strategies and guidance that will help you to become the best teacher you can be. Read More

  • Internship Projects

    Your first year of teaching will be one of the most exciting and frankly somewhat demanding times in your professional career. Texas Teachers will be standing by you the whole way and giving you all the resources you need to succeed in the classroom. Read More

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development (PD) is intended to help you improve your skills and knowledge within the education field and ultimately translate it into greater effectiveness in the classroom. Read More

  • PPR Review Seminar

    Candidates take the state Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Exam during their first year of teaching. In addition to our online PPR review, which includes a required practice exam, Texas Teachers hosts in-person PPR reviews during the fall semester. We have recorded a recent session, and the series of videos below can also help to prepare for the exam. Read More

  • The PPR Exam

    During your internship year, you will be required to take one final state test, the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities exam (the ‘PPR’).  All teachers in the state of Texas must pass this exam in order to become fully certified and receive their standard certificate. Read More

  • Principal Recommendation

    A final and important step in your certification process is your principal’s formal recommendation at the end of your probationary year.  Your principal is, after all your immediate supervisor, and their positive assessment of your first year is a critical part of your success. Read More