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Strategy #11

Study: I felt this test was much easier than the ESL Supplemental test. The questions were much easier to use your comman sense on, where as, on the ESL supplemental, you had to know exact things. I think because they provided a better preparation manual than they did for the ESl Supplemental, made the test seem easier. I would not use the same preparation manual again for the ESL supplemental. It was not enough information.

Test: The length of each reading passage made it boring and long. Just trying to stay focused was a chore. It would help if they wouldn't be so afraid to tell us exactly what to study, isn't that what they expect us to do in our classes?

Strategy #12

Study: Study guide (practice Teast on NESINC website). I studied for weeks before test. Make sure to get enough practice questions in before taking it.

Test: The test seemed harder than I had expected. However I did well because I took my time and went with my first instinct. I put myself back in the classroom and referred to what I would've done in give a situation.

Strategy #13

Study: I used a manual from HISD ACP and some notes from a friend. Both of them worked pretty good. In my opinion, read the manual and watch a bilingual class.

Test: I think this test was harder for me. It is very important to use common sense to pass this test.

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