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Strategy #1

Study: Lots of language and the process of reading (phonemic awareness). Study the bilingual legal process.

Test: Study!!

Strategy #2

Study: I studied 2 books (I forgot the names, on is red). First, I tried to understand all the theories, domains, and competencies. Then I focused on doing many practice test, and getting familiar with the questions, terms and answers. So by linking the theories and those different cases together I was able to understand what the best answer was.

Test: It was harder than I expected. Focus on what specifically each question is asking, underline it, and read it again before choosing an answer.

Strategy #3

Study: -Preparing for the TX K-4 - Janice Nath 1st: Read the book and understand the concepts. 2nd: Answer questions of prep. guide *This worked for me, but I would have read more about bilingual education in America and the results of the Lau and Nichols.

Test: 1st: Answer Bilingqual Sec./50% of test 2nd: Language and Arts/25% of the test Math, Science, Socail Studies and P.E.

Strategy #4

Study: I downloaded material from the SBEC website and used manuals from HISD - ACP. Study the laws about education and train yourself in reading comprehenstion. That is the key to pass this test.

Test: Have the mind-set that you are in the ideal conditions of the classroom while taking this test. Do not spend too much time on question you do not know the answers to. Continue on to other questions and if you have time, go back.

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