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Strategy #1

Study: I have used CertifyTeacher before for other tests. However, my school district wanted me to be bilingual and referred me to A&M University for a free preparation course online, and that was very helpful. I didn't use anything else besides this course. It is a 9 weeks course and I took my test on week 6 because I had already registered for it before I started the course. I thought I was ready for it as well, if not i would have rescheduled it. Do learn all of the theories and language acquisition strategies; you won't need to know much about the laws.

Test: The test is 80 questions and only 60 were graded on my test. You have 5 hours to complete it and I took about 2.5 hours because I took my time with every single questions and went back to the review ones. You have more than enough time to finish it. Choose the best one and use the elimination process. It focuses more on strategies in a classroom. Use the preparation manual on the TExES ETS website. Take the example test/questions on there because it does help. I can agree with everyone else that the test is easier than expected. Get good rest and make sure you eat. You can get a break or restroom break if you need to. Good Luck!

Strategy #2

Study: I started studying for this exam about 2 1/2 weeks before my exam date. I used everyday for about an hour. I also used flash cards I created on Quizlet, which contained concepts/words that I was unfamiliar with.

Test: The exam seemed a little easier than what I expected. Remember to rule out obvious incorrect answers. If you have to pick between two answers, pick the one which offers multiple chances for the student to grasp the information.

Strategy #3

Study: I recommend using multiple resources to study. I used and They both have a guarantee to help you pass. I studied for two weeks every night leading up to the exam.

Test: I did not think the test was time pressured at all. They give you five hours to take it but two hours was enough for me to finish. All questions are situational. My advice is to take tons of practice tests and don't dwell on laws but on the different types of bilingual programs out there. I ended up getting a 258 on the first try.

Strategy #4

Study: I used It is amazing, and I highly recommend it! Study the differences between the dual language program, bilingual classes, and English Language Learners. Also study how a student is evaluated, and the different stages of language proficiency.

Test: I recommend going through every question carefully and using the process of elimination. Always think what will be beneficial to the students.

Strategy #5

Study: To study for the Bilingual Supplemental I used the Certify Teacher program. It is worth every penny. I've used the programs to study for the Generalist EC-6 and PPR. I have passed all my exams due to this amazing program. You cant go wrong buying it. I studied for about a week before the exam. Learn all the court cases, process of second language acquisition, know about the LPAC committee and parents rights.

Test: The exam was actually pretty easy. Just stay focused if provided use the ear muffs to avoid noise distractions. There are only 70 questions which 60 of them are scored. Dont stumble on one you dont understand, mark it for review, and keep going. I passed with a 261. Good luck!

Strategy #6

Study: I studied for this test by purchasing the program for this specific test. I studied for about 2 weeks using the practice tests on that program.

Test: The test was pretty similar to the practice questions from the certify teacher site. I passed with a 265 on the first try. It is not a hard test but there are only 70 questions so its more critical to get as many correct since there is less room for error. Good luck!

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