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Strategy #21

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the state preparation manual and I studied for about 6 weeks. What worked best was me going through each competency and reading it thoroughly to know exactly what the content is going to be for the exam. After that, I went through and defined key words throughout those competencies. I would then study the notes and go through the study questions in the manual to see how questions are going to be asked and formatted. I also read the description for why the answer was right or wrong and why the other answers were correct or not correct. This was extremely helpful, because I was able to see more detailed information about the questions and answer choices! I did the same exact thing on CertifyTeacher, except the website gave more variety quizzes, a practice exam, and flash cards. The website study material is very similar to the test!

Test: The test format was easy to break down, but the content was not as easy. I would also study more English content words, so that I can have a better chance of process of elimination! I did pass the test, even though I left feeling unsure. BE positive and study hard; you will get through!

Strategy #22

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the study guide from the state website and the practice tests at I took the practice quizzes and tests multiple times and read over the rationales each time. I was pretty nervous and studied for about a month before the test, racking up I would say about 25 hours total study time. I studied the domains and competencies but did not memorize anything. I didn't purchase any additional study materials.

Test: The test was about as tough as I thought it would be, perhaps a bit harder. I thought it would be all situational, but there were some questions asking definitions of terms. I marked 26 questions for review that I was unsure of and went back to those, really analyzing the questions before answering. I then went back over the entire test again. I finished in 4 hours, so I really took my time. I got my score today and I passed with a 276.

Strategy #23

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I took test 117. I used the English area of the 4-8 generalist book and the 117 preparation manual from the TExES website. I learned the competencies(001-O.L.) and I just read over the explanation of the each to familiarize myself with the content. I also made flash cards on quizlet for the comp. and used already made to study vocab. Knowing the definitions of terms is very important for this exam.

Test: I used 4 1/2 out of my five hours to test. The test was not easy at all but I prayed to God and studied. I passed on the first time testing.

Strategy #24

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: For this test I did what majority of everyone else is saying. I used the free study guide. The study guide did a great job of giving me an idea of how the questions would be structured. I also went on quizlet just to see what others posted as far as terminology was concerned. The majority of my study time was spent on the free study guide and the rationales listed for each question.

Test: I wouldn't say the test was hard, but it will require you to take your time and think. In my opinion the test seemed long and you can become fatigued. When I answered 60 questions I decided to take a break just to clear my mind and to refocus, which I think helped. After I finished the test I went back over it and actually changed about 8-10 questions that I felt I misread. My advice is to take a couple of breaks, go back over your answers at the end with a clear mind, and don't panic over a question you may not know because one single question will not cost you the test. I passed the test and I'm sure you will too! Good luck!

Strategy #25

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I started studying for the exam a month before taking the test. I used the website and downloaded the online exam. The exams were actual previous TExES exams used in the past. The flash card application was very useful to study terms I was unfamiliar with. If I made a wrong answer on the practice exams the program would explain the steps to the right answer. It also monitored my progress so I knew how much I was improving. I also used the TExES preparation manual on the ETS website.

Test: The exam was very easy and I was able to relate the new questions to everything I studied from the Certify Teacher program.

Strategy #26

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I tallied up what most others used for study materials and the consensus is overwhelming-use the free (official) study guide. There were also a few recommendations for Quizlet. I'd never used it prior, but decided to give it a quick look. I did not, however, upload anything for myself. I simply searched for the test and used a couple vocab lists that someone else made. A majority of my time was spent combing over the study guide and going through the practice test. Like others said here, know concepts rather than definitions. I would say understand the competencies, but I don't see the necessity in memorizing them.

Test: I was pretty nervous going into this test. Many of the answers seemed legit and I really had to dig pretty deep into the wording. Leaving the test center, I was not confident at all. I passed with a 256, so my worries were unfounded in the end.

Strategy #27

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I did not purchase any study materials for this exam. I used the study preparation manual directly from the state website and flash cards from Before taking this test I took the Generalist EC-6 exam and failed. I had used a study guide that I purchased and spent many hours for a month studying. For this exam 117 I only used the study material directly from the state. It was very to the point for each Competency that I needed to know. Use the resource from the state since that is the exact material that will be on the test.

Test: This exam was easier than I expected. (I failed the Generalist exam 191 just a few weeks prior.) The test was exactly 100 questions. I took a break after the first 25 questions and left the room. The breaks I took after that I just looked down for a few minutes so I wouldn't feel strained staring at the computer for so long. As long as you know what each Competency is you will be able to identify the best answer because you will know what you are looking for. After reading each question I was able to identify what competency it was (it will not tell you what competency it is) by decoding words from the question. I used the process of elimination to get rid of some answers and then took my time with the other two answers to make sure I chose what was best. Every single question was scenario based given the grade and type of student. Before taking the test I read a lot of views saying the test was harder than expected so I was nervous but after the first 25 questions I thought "wow, this is not so bad". I finished the test in 3 1/2 hrs and then I went back to review it only changing maybe 3 answers. I took the test on a Friday morning and I received my results on the following Tuesday morning with a passing score of 256.

Strategy #28

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I visited this website to see what others before me thought about the test and everyone was on point! HOWEVER, I must say that being in the classroom six years and understanding techniques, strategies, and language was a plus. I wouldn't change any study habits that I implored during my studying for Test # 117.

Test: The test was actually easy! I worked 35 straight questions and thought to myself, "Is the whole test this easy?" I would recommend Quizlet and the ETS practice tests.

Strategy #29

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I actually studied 30 days prior to taking this challenging exam. I used 240 tutoring, but in hind-sight, the practice test on the state web cite is spot on, and will be your most reliable resource, literally. Don't waste your money. Do not pay for any other resources. I uploaded the vocab from the practice test to I also turned the teacher competencies into fill-in-the blank Q&A on Quizlet is free and the test you create can be uploaded to your mobile (smart- phone) like a game.

Test: The info and advice I got from this forum got me through this test. Thank you to all the contributors! Once you pass the test like I did, pay it forward. Make sure your name appears exactly as written on your ID. I needed to submit my birth certificate to make a change of one off letter. YOU MUST KNOW THE Teacher COMPETENCIES; not word for word, but the reasons why you are applying a teaching strategy and its goal (VERY IMPORTANT). Almost all of the questions were scenario based! Make sure you, I repeat, MAKE SURE you zero in on the answer selections that involve direct teacher contact, guidance, and supervision. Study haiku, study the reading levels (instructional, frustration, and independent), study emergent stages of development, strategies to improve reading comprehension, and early fluent readers. I took the test on computer and finished 90 questions in 4 1/2 hours. for the sake of time I left blank questions that I struggled with and saved time to go back and reevaluate them. Trust God to help you, and He will! My results took three days to arrive. I passed on the first try Thank God!

Strategy #30

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Used the study guide and practice questions from the TExES webside. Read over competencies, higlighting key words. Then wrote words and definitions/explanations for those key words in a notebook. After, I went through practice questions and read rationales. I visited this site and read about and signed up for free account. Ended up making a set for each competency using all notes. Love that website because you can make flash cards or printout study sheets once you have a set. My favorite part was that I could just click to use another user's definition. That saved so much typing! I ended up printing notesheets and used those to review. I also used an ap to monitor how many hours I studied. I didnt clock all of my time but I believe it was 6 or so hours collectively. I am currently a 2nd grade teacher...some of the material was new to me.

Test: I left thinking I did not pass. The test was more difficult than expexted. It took me 4 hours of carefully analyzing every answer. I knew it would involve scenarios but so many questions had answers that could all be correct. Very important to remember to answer soley based on the information they give you. I was nervous for no reason because I passed!!!

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