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Strategy #91

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I printed out the online study guide from the Texes website.

Test: It was easier than I expected. If you are about to take the test, stay calm, relax, and focus.

Strategy #92

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I studied "The Ultimate Guide to Generalist EC - 4" from Texas Teachers and Study Resource from the testing website. Texas Teacher's book was the best. Pay close attention to sample test provided in the back. It gives a good example of the true questions on the real test. Know the terms and think of "perfect world", not what you have seen teachers actually do.

Test: It was hard, and I used almost all the time allowed. Do not rush through the test. Take time to read, re-read, and re-read each question. Think perfect world. Pick the question that has the teacher doing the least directing. Think about what practices are best for the student, not the teacher.

Strategy #93

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Make sure you know each domain for grade level.

Test: Taking the test on the computer was a better choice for me. I did not have all the questions in front of me at one time.

Strategy #94

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the online study guide and the REA EC-4 Generalist study guide. I read the study guide cover to cover, took the practice exam in the back of the book and online, and re-read the terms I was still unfamiliar with. Pay particular attention to the Language Arts section and terminology. If I had to do it all over again, I probably would have alloted myself more time to study, but I was still able to pass the exam after studying for only three weeks and reading the entire study guide the week before the exam.

Test: The practice test online and in the book are much harder than the actual exam. In the practice tests, the questions deal more with whether or not you know the terminology. The real exam is more situational, but knowledge of the terms helps a great deal. I also read through these posted hints and remembered one key hint that helped me think through the questions: what is the real purpose of the activity?

Strategy #95

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used Preparing for the Texas Pre K-4 Teacher Certification by Janice L. Nath and John Ramsey, as well as the online study guide. I read through both of these a few times in the months before the test & spent the day of the test re-reading the book and taking the practice test in the online study guide. Also used flashcards posted on

Test: It was about as hard as I expected. You MUST NOT underestimate the Language Arts portion of the test. Be sure that you know the stages of literacy and what's expected at what grade. Study your volume, circumference etc formulas. Think common-sense & safety for science. Don't forget that there will be questions on Art, Music and PE. I did until the day of! Most of all- don't stress

Strategy #96

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the book "Preparing for the Texas Pre K-4 Teacher Certification" by Janice Nath. I found it very helpful. It was the only book I studied. I spent 5 days, 4 hours a day, and I scored a 279. I spent one day on each area, combining p.e., art, and music onto one day. I think my study plan worked very well. I studied in blocks of 30 minutes- study, take a 15-30 minute break, study, for 6-8 hours, and finish the section in one day. I highly recommend the book! I got it from the library, so I paid nothing, and I passed the test the first time with 5 days studying. Even more surprising, I have been out of college for 17 years!

Test: It was harder than I expected. It took me a long time to finish- 4 hours. To me, it was grueling. It felt like a marathon. Since it was only 110 questions multiple choice, I thought it would manageable, but I had a very hard time getting through it. I was sure I failed. After one week I got my score- 279. A total shock. I missed the most on language arts, which has always been my best subject. I scored almost perfectly on the other areas. I still don't understand how I did that. My hint would be to always look for the answer that has the most creative, hands-on approach to teaching. Never pick the answer that has the students reading the textbook, doing worksheets, etc. Look for answers that encourages groups of kids working together or other progressive teaching styles. There are both content questions and teaching method questions. Don't be discouraged- you will probably do better than you expected!

Strategy #97

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the XAM EC-4(101) test-prep manual that I purchased from Barnes and Noble. I highly reccomend this manual to use as study guide because it was very through and easy to understand.

Test: The test was just what I expected. I went into the test prepared for anything and I felt that was the best strategy for me. I thought the math section was the easiest, followed by the social studies, science and language arts. The language arts section was the most thought provoking section of the test and I would highly recommend sepnding a great deal of time gaining a firm understanding of the language arts concepts. There aren't any tricks to passing the test. All one needs to do is study, study, study. Good luck to all in the future.

Strategy #98

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the red book by Nath and used the Cliffs book to review the 2 practice tests. I think they both worked well together for me. I really liked the Nath book just because it gave more of a detailed explanation with the vocab terms. Study the vocab terms! Don't try to just memorize but really understand what you are reading.

Test: The test was as I had expected just because I took so many practice tests and studied really hard for a week. You have to really read the questions and know what kind of answer they are looking for. The language arts part wasn't as hard as I had expected. There were phoeneme questions, reading fluency questions, etc (basically everything that I read). There were no surprises for me. The hard part for me was the Fine Arts section just because I am not a musical or artistic person. I didn't review that section too much but I would make sure you go over basic terms such as balance and the elements of art. Look for answer choices that give the student opportunity to actively work with others (telling kids what to do is not a good answer choice). I would tell someone to go over the Nath book and take some practice tests. Good luck!

Strategy #99

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the "Ultimate TeXes Guide for the 101 Generalist EC-4" and found it to be a great resource with lots of information. The red test pages (although hard to read at times) and explanations of answers were wonderfully helpful. Take the test and really learn the reasons for the ones you get wrong...

Test: One thing I did due to my learning style was to record cd's of myself reading the information - especially the red pages, L.Arts & Social Studies facts. This way I could listen while in the car. Working full time and studying became much easier. Once I started listening it started sinking in. The test was hard but if you plan and study in the way best for you and you will do fine...Good Luck!

Strategy #100

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I took the exam on the computer. I liked the computer because it tests you on each section at a time. I study guides I used where "The Ultimate Study Guide for EC-4, The big Yellow Book. I also used Cliff Notes Texes exam ec-4 generalist. Both guides provided detailed information on every domain. I also used the Cliff Notes practice exams which helped prepare me for the test taking techniques. Taking several practice exams helped. I studied every day for 5 weeks and passed the exam.

Test: Tip- take your time and go over all the domains and review all practice exams. Remember to read the answers to the questions you answered wrong. Remember, You can do it. Just study smart!

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