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Strategy #121

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Cliff's Notes; Preparing for the Texas EC-4 Teacher Certification (red book), Put Reading First K-3 (free online)

Test: I took the test only to see how it is. I prepared for 3 months but at a relaxed pace. One thing that helped was substituting: you'll get a better idea of what the books are trying to say. I passed with 253 :) It was as expected. Lots of language arts! My strategy: answer for 3 hours, and then review for the remaining time (turned out that I had to correct 4 questions). You have plenty of time to go at your own speed. Good luck!

Strategy #122

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: My main study source was Preparing to Teach Texas Content Areas by Nath/Ramsey. (It's the updated version of their earlier book that people mentioned on here.) I also used the Cliff's Notes Math Review for Standardized Tests to brush up on math, which is my weak area. The Nath/Ramsey book was very comprehensive and covered everything in detail. I read the book completely through once (skipping the Theatre Arts and ELA section), which took some time because it's dense. Then I made notecards of the key English/Reading terms and a few terms from other sections that I needed to review. I also reread the history summaries once more. Finally, I took the official online practice test along with a practice test available for free at Then I checked out the Cliff's Notes TEXES review from the library and took those 2 practice tests as well. In total, I spent about a month studying (about 1 hour a day).

Test: The test was what I expected. If I had not studied like above, it would have been very difficult since I do not have an education background. The only "trick" I could say is to not just memorize the information in the English/Reading section, really understand how you would use the term/technique to teach someone (i.e. don't just know what a phoneme is, know why/how they are used in teaching a child to read). The test was 75% classroom application of concepts vs. about 25% knowledge of memorized facts. The math was pretty straightforward (basic computation, translations, word problems, etc.) For the Art/Music/Physical education portion, there were maybe 2 questions on art and 1 on music, the rest was on PE. I would tell others to give yourself enough time to really read through all the study information and take a few practice tests. I highly recommend the above book because compared to others I looked at, it was far more comprehensive. Also, during the actual test, there are always two answers that sound good, knowing why one is the BEST is the biggest challenge.

Strategy #123

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used "THE BIG YELLOW BOOK". This book was recommended to me by several other people that took the test. It actually was a great book. It breaks stuff down for you. This is really the only thing I used to study. That study guide on this website did not help at all. GET "THE BIG YELLOW BOOK"!! Cost is thirty five dollars. I would not have studied anything differently. I would focus a lot on Compentency 007 because I missed a lot of questions in that Compentency.

Test: The test was harder than I expected. The way I studied and expected the stuff to be on there was not on there like that. There are no hints or tricks to passing. Just study real hard!!!!! I studied on and off for like two months and the last two weeks is when I really dug into it. I did great in Science and Social Studies, didn't do bad in Math either and I am horrible in Math. All I can say is just study. I have no teaching experience. A lot of my experience is in social work. Again, get "THE BIG YELLOW BOOK"!!

Strategy #124

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Ultimate Guide to EC-4 Generalist TExES/Big Yellow Book. Give yourself enough time to read the entire study guide and you should do fine. I think the key to studying is to understand the language of the test.

Test: Study and take several practice tests. Start preparing early. Read the questions carefully and always look for the book answer.

Strategy #125

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the ones which are given to you. All I did was download the practice tests and go over them three times.

Test: Easier. Pay attention to the way the test questions are worded.

Strategy #126

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used TAKS tests 3,4,5 Reading and Math, and grade 5 Science. I used the study guide from the TEA website and the Ultimate Guide (Yellow Book).

Test: It was harder than I thought it would be. Remember when answering to answer as if you have all resources imaginable to complete tasks and time being main resource.

Strategy #127

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: On the Texas Teachers website there are content exams you can download. All I did was download the sample content exam and study it for a couple of days.

Test: It was easy. The sample content exam helped me so much because it helps you learn how to take the test. Don't buy any study guides. It's a waste of money. So just download the free sample test.

Strategy #128

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: The Big Yellow Book - perfect! I studied for 5 days... concentrated on Language Arts. I memorized key concepts - strategies for teaching and assessing.

Test: It was harder than I'd expected. Questions are very ambiguous and more than one answer seems correct. Look for key phrasing and terminology.

Strategy #129

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: The Ultimate Guide to the TExES and online study groups.

Test: The test was tough. I would tell people to study as much as possible. My one hint is to always think about the most ideal situation.

Strategy #130

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the State study guide and practice tests and REA Generalist EC-4 book from Border's bookstore. The State study guide worked best. I would definitely reommend taking as many practice tests as possible.

Test: Harder than expected. I would tell someone to think about each question, narrow it down to 2 answers, then answer in the most child-centered way.

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