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Strategy #31

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the Cliff's Notes Generalist EC-4 study guide. I also took the practice test offered through the state. The study guide was good because it has 2 practice tests and it also goes over the study material that you need to know for the exam.

Test: I wouldn't say that it was easier or harder than I expected. It was different than the study guide and the practice tests from the book and state website. I dare say that the study guide may have overprepared me for the test. I would recommend that a person just take his or her time and read each question twice before answering. Also, make sure that you know what the question is asking before answering.

Strategy #32

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I studied the Ultimate Guide To The EC-4 Generalist TExES guide (big yellow book) that I purchased from Texas Teachers. I took the practice test in the back of the guide after studying the book. I also took the TExES practice test ( online. I failed the TExES online practice exam but I did great on my actual test, so I would advise someone to not get overly discouraged if they do not do well on that particular practice exam. I took the test on a Monday morning at 8am and studied a total of 18 hours the weekend before taking the test.

Test: The test was harder than I had expected and I came away from the test feeling unsure about how I had done. However, I made the equivalent of an A on the actual test. I would advise someone to study all of the content provided in their study guide but to focus strongly on the Language Arts portion because 40 questions (out of 110) come from this competency. Also, the test has a lot of situational questions that ask what the best way to teach something is.

Strategy #33

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: The Ultimate Guide The practice exam in the book worked best. I wouldn't study differently, I passed. I would recommend studying the practice exam.

Test: Easier. It's not the multi-hour monster you may think it is. Take as many practice tests as you can. The practice tests were harder and prepare you for the types of questions that will be asked.

Strategy #34

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Ultimat Guide for EC-4 Be sure to study 3-4 weeks before taking the exam. If there is a subject area that you don't feel like you know very well study it twice!

Test: The test was harder thatn I thought it would be. When answering the questions just remember to pick the one that seems like the "perfect world" answer. Take your tiem and read each question well before answering.

Strategy #35

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the Texas Teachers study book. The book is long but I did read it once and then scanned over it before my test. I took the practice test three times until I got a perfect score.

Test: The test was very difficult and I thought that I had failed it. The test had very little history or definitions so do not dwell on studying that too much. Most questions were situational and i'm not sure you can study for that, use your best judgement. I passed with a good score.

Strategy #36

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: TExES: Generalist EC-4 book (yellow book), Preparing for the Texas PreK-4 Teacher Certification by Janice Nath (red book), and online testing material.

Test: I had previously taken this test online (it took my 5 hrs. in front of the computer), then I took it on paper, it was much better for me. I reviewed Bloom's Taxonomy, the competency by domain and talked to other teachers at the school I work at. Taking the test on paper allowed me to underline, and circle things I thought were important. I looked for wording in the question and the answers which were similar. I tried reasoning things out and remmembered situatiions in the classroom. I worked as a pre-k assitant for 6 years, and in resource for a year (special ed), so I also had practical classroom experience with elementary school children. Some of the questions I was able to eliminate 2 of the answers immediately, so I only had 2 answers to choose from. I remembered to pace myself, and take water, and snacks. I also took bathroom breaks when necessary. Taking it on paper was easier for me to be able to view the questions and answers simultaneously. The rules were not as stringent in the classroom. I remembered everything from the classroom as if I was the teacher. Remember: Put the Child First! The child is Never wrong! It took me a while to figure that out with these tests. I heard many times: It is not the Real world in these situations. I realized it when taking the test. Take your time, pace yourself, and take breaks as needed. Drink water and take snacks to eat. Read the question, look for the answer, and read the question again. Make sure you Answer the question! Reason things through. I ate a good breakfast (protein), and had a decent night's sleep. I did not look at the material the day before, but I did start studying early. I passed the test with a lot of patience, time, encouragement and pray. It was not my first time. It that is okay. You can do it. Believe in yourself. Read, study, and be confident. Do not change your answer unless you can justify why you are doing so. Practice the question in the books. Relax. You can do this, I did.

Strategy #37

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the Cliff Test prep book. I bought it offline on it was only 23 bucks. It had tons of practice questions which prepared me for the real test. I dont think I would change the way I studied.

Test: I passed!!! the test wasnt hard, however it was tricky in my opinion. I left thinking that i did not pass but i did. Please take as many practice test as you can.It prepares you for the type of questions they will ask on the real test.

Strategy #38

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I studied EC-4 Cliff's Test Prep. I concentrated on concepts and ideas, not specific content. This study guide has very good practice question. The test was easier than I expected. Do not rush through this exam, there is ample time to finish and review.

Test: I have 2 study guides for sale...Cliff's Test Prep and XAM 4-8 Generalist. They are $20 each. I live in South Dallas, you would have to pick them up. I scored high on both exams using these guides.

Strategy #39

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the red book by Nath and Ramsey and HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it. I made a 276 on the exam. I studied about 1-2 hours a day for several weeks, but it was studying in scenarios like watching my daughter play outside. I felt very nervous going in but absolutely excited and happy leaving. I knew I passed and did well. There were no typos or other problems with the Nath & Ramsey book. It was excellent. You do that book, you need nothing else to help you succeed! Good luck!

Test: It was much easier than expected. I felt well-prepared. I would recommend chosing the best answer that is the most work for the teacher. And be sure to be politically correct with your answer on everything. You can't go wrong. Really study your teaching practices and you'll do fine! GOOD LUCK!!

Strategy #40

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I purchased the "Big Yellow Book." I found the link at the Texas Teachers website it's called "Ultimate Guide to the EC-4 Generalist." It was $35.00. This book was great. It was very in depth and anybody that does not have a background in teaching will really benefit from using this book. I also used the FREE "State Preparation Manual." I HIGHLY recommend to use all these resources. They really prepare you for the test. BUT YOU HAVE TO STUDY, STUDY, STUDY...

Test: I got 110 multiple choice questions to answer in 5 hours. I would recommend to read carefuly each question... take your time, you will have plenty of time to answer all your questions. Take short breaks. Try to visualize yourself in the classroom. And if you are a believer like me...PRAY!!! GOD, helped me make 270. (Passing score is 240 or higher)

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