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Strategy #91

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Pass the TExES by Joe Kortz & Vickie Hester; this was a great review, but I did not commit the competences to memory as they suggested. I also used study manuals from TExES Study Sessions for Math 4-8 and Science 4-8 (you can find a link to order the manuals on Texas Teachers website or purchase the manuals at a local university book store).

Test: The test was a little harder than expected. Read each question carefully and pay attention to key words. Make sure you have an understanding of the competences, take your time, read/re-read the questions and answer choices and pay attention to key words.

Strategy #92

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: On 3-18-10, I took the Generalist 4-8 Exam. To prepare for the exam, I used the XAM Texes Generalist 4-8 Book and I downloaded the study guide from the Excet website. I rented the book for $28.00 for 4 months on I studied for an hour a day and really studied my strong areas which are follows: English, Social Studies, and Science. I Really did not spend too much time with the math.I found out today that I passed the exam making a 245.

Test: I got up real early and began to glance over some the material and I prayed.the exam really did not have anything on it I studied from the material I used. Especially concerning the math. The English questions were about how to use different teaching methods in the class room. The math had a lot of geometry on it with a few questions concerning what methods to use in the class room.The social studies part had a lot of questons concerning Texas, geography, and a lot of reading comprehension and graphs. The science part was difficult and you really had to read the questions more than once. It had a lot of stuff concerning safety, chemicals, metals, and the animal kingdom.Hope this helped.

Strategy #93

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the free state study guide. The practice questions were helpful. I use Pass the Texes. I thought it was useful, and I used the XAM book which was also helpful especially on the science and history. I studied alot and did all the practice questions. All the math i studied was much harder than what was on the test.

Test: The test was long. The english was almost all teaching strategies. The math was some area, volume, no functions or slope. Science was hydrologic cycle, electricity. There were several questions on economics. History was mostly texas history. Overall i had no idea if I passed when actually taking test put got results and passed easily. I am selling all my study books. Please email me if you are interested in buying. I did not write in them so they are like new

Strategy #94

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the "How to pass the Texes - Generalist 4-8" study guide and the study guide on the SBEC website. What worked best for me was to read over all the material then take the sample tests available on both sites once. I reviewed my answers then focused on what areas I was weak in. I reviewed for a couple of days then took the test again comparing what questions I missed with the previous tests. I did this re-testing about 3 times. I studied for about 2 weeks, at least a couple of hours a day.

Test: Overall the test was easier than I expected, but I was prepared for the worst. What was harder than the test was that outside the testing center there was road construction, however I think that may have helped because it made me re-read the questions and really consider what the question was asking so that I was sure I understood. My recommendations would be to use all your time. Read the questions and make sure you understand what they are really asking. Take your break wisely and get to the testing center early!

Strategy #95

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Took the test 11/03/09 and passed with a pretty decent score. I looked up this site for tips, and studied the guide from this website, and purchased the XAM book. I looked over the practice tests and read some of the sections, but I still felt I wasn't prepared until I got to the testing site. Then, I just tried the best that I could and tried to concentrate.

Test: The exam was harder than I expected because it was a lot of reading. I did better on the Math and Science portions than the ELA and Social Studies portions which really surprised me. I think that the tests are all different because my test was more over the technical stuff than anything else. Just go over the practice tests, definitely look over the domains and stuff, and don't forget to eat!!!! They didn't let me leave the building once I took my break and my stomach was growling!!!! The provide a locker, so bring food and drinks or money for the vending machines. It'll be ok. Just take your time and read them questions carefully.

Strategy #96

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I was most worried about Math. I only had a few days to study for the test (I mixed up the dates), so I took the practice test in the study guide that was available online. On the math questions I missed, I tried to figure out why the answers were right, and looked up terms I didn't know. I only got 16 out of 28 math questions right, but I got a 268 on the test as a whole.

Test: Give yourself plenty of time to study. Take a practice test as a benchmark to pinpoint your weaknesses.

Strategy #97

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the free study guide from the state website. It was very helpful. I also studied some released TAKS tests for those grade levels. I bought the "Pass the TEXES" book and used that to study a little, but I wouldn't recommend it. There were a lot of typos and not very much content information. Just go through the free study guide and look up anything online that you don't understand. Make sure you know basic Chemistry (studying the periodic table would really help)and use the formulas provided for the math.

Test: It was a little harder than I expected. About as hard as the practice test at the back of the free state study guide. It was also very long. Mark the questions that you are stumped on and return to them after you have finished the test. Doing this helped me to figure some of those that I marked.

Strategy #98

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the study guide from and found it to be very helful. I thought it was organized well and prepared me well to pass the test. I thought the math in the study guide was more difficult than what was actually on the test - so good prep.

Test: The math section was easier than I expected. Everything else was as expected.

Strategy #99

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I didn't use any study resources. I would browse through a study guide to get a better score.

Test: On par with what I expected. Have test taking skills and browse through a study guide.

Strategy #100

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Pass the Texes Exam Prep book. Practice tests worked best. I would focus more on the situational questions rather than the fact base knowledge questions.

Test: Harder than I expected. Don't get down when you are finished. Most people leave the test not knowing where they stand. Stay focused and relax. Eliminate the answers you know aren't correct then choose the answer best centered around the student.

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