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Strategy #31

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I bought the REA Gen. 4-8 in October and didn't truly look at it until a week before my test date. I studied for 2 days, 6 hours each day, focusing on my weakest areas. I retook the practice tests until I felt comfortable with the material.

Test: As a person with test anxiety, I was very nervous on the test date because of everything I read here. So, my advise to anyone else is to take a deep breath and relax. The test is not as bad as you think it is. Read the question multiple times if you have to, and don't leave any question unanswered. I passed the test on my first try and I'm sure anyone can too.

Strategy #32

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I found the Texes Secrets and the Generalist 4-8 Wynn book to be the best. Certify Teacher did not give a variety of tests so it was not much use. I was happy with the resources that Texas Teachers provided in their study section that was great.

Test: I found the test to be more difficult. Just breathe and if you have an area you are weak in skip over do everything else don't even look at that portion till all done. Then go back and do the weak area. This will allow for the nerves to get out of you before you panic. I was so happy to pass. Now I need to do all over again to find a job. Yeah me.

Strategy #33

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the REA study guide to study for this test. It comes with two practice tests which can be taken online for free. The online test format is really similar to the actual test's format. At the end of the online test, it will tell you the areas you did well on and the areas you can work on. I took one test before I studied and the other after I studied. I studied for this test for about two weeks before I took it.

Test: The test was easier than I thought it would be. When I first read the question and all of the answers, I found myself thinking that 2 or 3 of them could be correct. I then when back and read them again until I could eliminate the wrong answers. Taking my time and paying attention to every word in the possible answers really helped. If you have already taken the EC-6 test, you will find the 4-8 to be very similar. It took me about 3 hours to take the test and review all of my answers before submitting it. If I could give any advice to someone taking the test it would be to not over-think you answers. They are not trying to trick you, they are just trying to make sure that you are reading all of the answer choices and paying attention to what they are asking. I left the testing room for both the EC-6 and 4-8 feeling very unsure of myself but ended up passing both on the first try!

Strategy #34

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: KNOW YOUR TEST FORMAT...Read all 58 comps first, then highlight the terms you don't know. Start googling information you dont know. Use the internet(youtube), especially on the math (khan academy is great).

Test: The test was easier than I thought. I finished in about 4 hours. Passed on the first try!! If you are good at eliminating wrong answers you will do just fine.

Strategy #35

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the REA TEXES 4-8,certify teacher and I also got help from my daughter's math tutor as it has been a long time since I've taken any math courses. A couple co-workers at school gave me taks review books and I also used the state website as well. I studied for close to two months on my lunch break and most evenings and weekends.

Test: When I got into the test I knew I had studied all the information and knew everything I had studied. However, there were some questions about things that were not in my studies so I had to guess on those. I used the entire 5 hours. I went home looking up questions I remembered and was bummed when I found out I answered a question incorrectly. I got my results the following morning at 9 a.m. I passed with a 260. I was so happy.

Strategy #36

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used Mometrix Secrets Study Guide for about 2 weeks prior to my exam for 3 hours everyday. It has been long that I have left college studies but time to time my connections with school text books in different countries have helped me to study and pass the 4-8 test.

Test: On the day of test,I took the test without being panic. Take your time,read the questions twice and then find the answer.Use logic,and never be panic.

Strategy #37

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used "REA's Test Prep for TExES Generalist Grades 4-8" and "Pass the TExES Generalist 4-8" for study guides. My core focus was on ELA and Social Studies. I also used Khan Academy to brush up on my Math. Practice, Practice, Practice any TExES exam questions you can get your hands on, and the reasoning supporting correct - or incorrect answers. The more you expose yourself to the practice questions, the easier it is to understand the "Why" of the correct or best answer.

Test: I took the test on 8/20. It was definitely harder than expected. The math was more difficult than I remember from middle school. My most challenging moments during the test was telling myself to relax; once I did, I was able to process the questions better. Narrowing the multiple choices down to two choices really helped. I initially just answered questions I could easily tackle and then went back for the rest. Above all, staying calm and using the rest of my time to check my answers were my best strategies (used every minute of the 5 hours). When I left the exam, I wasn't too sure I was going to pass, but I did with a score of 258.

Strategy #38

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the REA review book which was helpful because it had 2 practice tests that you can access online and also in the book. I had about 2 weeks to study so I broke my studying up into competencies. I studied 4-5 competencies each day and reviewed ones that I had learned earlier. I took one practice test before studying and used the questions I got wrong to gauge what to focus on during my study. I took the second practice test after I was done studying. If I could have done it differently, I would have studied the state study guide (there was material directly taken from that on the test) as well as use which I didn't know about until after I took the test.

Test: The test was harder than I thought it would be and I left the test center thinking there was a possibility I did not pass. The test was divided up into sections (ELA, Math, SS, SC in that order) It got old quickly answering just one subject at a time. I wish the test had been mixed up a bit to keep things interesting. I wished I had brought a jacket because it got colder in there when people left the test room and I was one of the only people left. I used my test taking skills and eliminated responses as best I could narrow down to 2 options and picked the best one, and I really took my time answering the questions. It took me a lot longer to take that test than it usually does to take tests because I did not want to have to take it again. I didn't get my scores until 3 days later. Turns out I did best on Science (which is not surprising since I have a degree in science) and Language Arts. I did mediocre in social studies and horribly in Math. I would have focused more on Texas history/culture/geography since they really emphasized Texas in the SS portion. I don't know if spending more time on the math portion would have helped me or not because it seems like math has gotten so much harder since I was in grade school and I haven't taken a math class in about 10 years.

Strategy #39

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used Certify Teacher Software to pass this exam as the Preparation Manual offered online. One thing about Certify Teacher is it doesn't always give you a step by step progression to solve and master the math concepts you will see on the test. Certify Teacher is excellent for the other domains, because i gives you the exact rational for each answer. I also used different flash cards online to master the key concepts.

Test: I took the test in the morning yesterday and arrived early. I dressed in layers because the testing center was very cold. I scored high when studying on the Social Studies and Science parts, this was the case on the state test. The Language Arts section was right on par with the Certify Teacher practice questions. The Math questions were very difficult and I would suggest studying Geometry and Trigonometry concepts. Social Studies was my strongest subject and I did well on that section. On SS, be prepared for questions dealing with the early 1400's. Science was hard, but I used the strategy of eliminating the 2 obvious wrong answers and using logic. When I finished test, I was almost positive I did not pass and really stressed out about it. It turns out I scored 250!!! Take your time, use logic, and don't panic!!! I took 4 hrs and 55 minutes, which I would suggest to take the whole time, but give your self time to check your answer. Good luck!

Strategy #40

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the study material from the tea website and a few other free sources available online. I did look at a few books, but what I realized is that they all just teach you how to answer the question which is what you need to know. I reviewed old TAKS tests as well because several people suggested that. I had about six weeks to study, though I truly only spent two weeks preparing.

Test: I took this test 7/18/2013 followed by EC-6 on the 24th. Regarding the 4-8, honestly, the math was somewhat difficult as I hadn't seen it in years. None of the material I studied was on the test. If you know HOW to answer the questions then you will do fine. If there are facts you know great, if not move on and focus on the HOW to answer questions. ELA counts more so focus on that portion. The SS and SC were more specific and I thought were easier than what I had been reading from others. Studying facts from ss and sc books will be helpful. I thought the ELA portion was even easier because I figured out HOW to answer the questions. What I mean by that is pick the choices where modeling is involved, as long as the rest of the answer isn't terribly ridiculous. Students should never work alone and the teacher should always actively engage students. Even though I felt like the test was somewhat easier, it was overwhelming and I took the full 5 hours and I didn't think I had passed. I started the test, answered the ones I knew right away, marked the ones I didn't and when I went back, I had an idea of how many I potentially might miss...this makes you nervous because there will be many that you are unsure of. It's ok. You can then go back and spend more time thinking them through and leave the other answers. Sometimes a question can give you the answer to another one. Everybody has different tests and I think the best advice I can is know HOW to answer the questions and study facts for SS and SC. I got my results back and passed both tests! They are not easy, just don't panic. Focus on what you do know and that may jog your memory on other questions. Good luck!!!

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