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Strategy #71

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: The free guide off the SBEC website was the most helpful, honestly. I paid for the "Pass the TExEs" e-book, which was helpful on some content review, but overpriced like everything else and with NO new practice questions! I also borrowed the "XAM" book, which I found to be a joke. My weakest subject was science so I frankly just downloaded a bunch of science quiz apps, and that helped me to practice with them.

Test: It was neither harder or easier than I expected. Just stay calm and take your time because you have PLENTY of time! I finished in 3h45m, and that included going all the way back through all of the 130 questions to check my work. Just focus on studying for your weaker areas. The nice thing about the score report is it breaks it down by competency, so if you don't pass then you can see where you are lacking. I got a 289 on the first try.

Strategy #72

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: The official state prep manual gives you a good feel for how the questions will look as well as some input about content. Go through all the questions and make sure you understand why the correct answers are right and why the incorrect answers are wrong. I also found the XAM study guide to be very helpful, although it did have some problems. At times sections seemed to go too in depth, some sections were not worded clearly (especially for scientific purposes), and it had a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. However, the info was mostly relevant and fairly comprehensive. I wouldn't buy it since it's overpriced. Check the library. Also, the software from was useful in that it gives a lot of practice questions in the same format as the state manual, and you get feedback for why each answer is right or wrong for each question.

Test: It was easier than I had expected. I'm really glad I studied because it gave me confidence and helped refresh my memory on a lot of knowledge and skills.

Strategy #73

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: When I studied for the test, I used a combination of Pass the TExES book for the Generalist 4-8 and the free study guide on the ETS website to get familiar with the content and competencies. It also helped to take some of the old TAKS test (which you'll find on the TEA website). I studied for about three weeks before I took the test for about an hour and a half to two and a half hours a day. If I could do it all over again, I would have started studying a little sooner so I wouldn't have stressed myself out so much in the process.

Test: Taking the practice test and some of the old TAKS tests prior to the exam made the test a lot easier than I expected, but it was still a hard and long test. It took me about 3 hours to complete it and I also went back and double checked my answers. Doing the practice test allowed me to refresh in subjects like math and social studies. The English Language Arts and Reading part of the test is mostly classroom scenario (think in a perfect world), and the science was a mixture of the two. I passed and I was so thankful for the tools I had to be able to do so.

Strategy #74

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I have been out of college for a while and my math skills were never excellent. I decided to purchase a study guide (TExES eXam) and also got some tutoring. The tutoring was helpful (especially with the math section), and my tutor also helped with understanding how to approach the entire test.

Test: The day of the test I didn't think that I could handle the test, but to my surprise it turned out to be a good experience. The state study guide turned out to be a big help. Definitely go over that study manual from the state and work on the areas that you are weakest in.

Strategy #75

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I purchased the bound preparation manual off SBEC website. I answered the questions based on what I knew at the time. While going through, I highlighted any words or content I was not familiar with. I also went to and did every test for the TExES exam several times. I would take the test and just write down the answers and check them, going back to check which ones I missed. I continuously took it until I got them all right. I only studied for about 2 weeks on and off.

Test: I got to the test facility at 12:30 and was checked right in and was taking my test by 12:35. If you want to study before you start your test, then let them know you are there but that you want to start at 1:00 or 8:00 depending on your test time. Overall, I left completely unsure if I passed or not. The questions on the actual exam were extremely close to the prep manual. Also, you get your results within 2 days! Good luck!

Strategy #76

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the state guide and for the math section (my weakest), I checked out TAKS test study guides from my local library. Just know the competencies and read slowly.

Test: The test was pretty long and I felt that it was heavily science-based without much help from the guide. I scored well and I think it was just reading slowly.

Strategy #77

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the Pass the Texes study guide ($60), Certify Teacher online exam ($55), and the free preparation manuals. I studied for a month for 3-4 hours a day. Certify Teacher was okay, not much help because questions were too broad on practice test, but the flash cards were very helpful for studying the vocabulary for the test. Pass the Texes was better as far as material being on the actual test. That being said, I think you can't just study one source, you need a different mix to ensure success.

Test: I thought it was easy but very long. So definitely take breaks and eat. My weakness is math and science, so I studied a lot for math (there was a lot of geometry and basic math, nothing too complicated, so don't stress!). I read comments on science that there were a lot of science procedure questions but I didn't think so, but topics that will be on the actual test include: rock cycle, water cycle, energy transformation (i.e. chemical and thermal), lots on human anatomy, compound elements and how to read them. ELA and Social Studies focus on basic topics such as reading, writing process, and SS civil process. Number one rule is to stay positive. If I can do it, anyone and, if they study. I always had trouble passing tests and passed this one on the first try with a good score.

Strategy #78

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Do not try to memorize every little detail. I purchased Pass the Texes by Ed Publishing. I took the time and learned every detail. I am glad that I did because I can use what learned in the classroom. However, the test did not allow me to use any of the knowledge I learned. The questions were more general knowledge and drawing conclusions. It was a bit harder than I expected. The manual I bought from the state was very helpful. The practice questions were helpful. There was one identical question on the actual test.

Test: I recommend getting there early. It took me much longer than I expected, so by the time I was finished I was exhausted and hungry. I left not knowing if I had made a 0 or a 100. I was relieved to know that I had passed. You have to wait a few days to get the scores, so that was very nerve racking!

Strategy #79

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used a set of flash cards that I purchased for 70 something dollars, and it worked! I studied for a couple of months off and on and passed just fine. If anyone out there would like to purchase these cards from me, please contact me! I will give them to you for half price.

Test: The test was one of those, pick the best answer tests, and parts of it leave you wondering if you got them right or not. The actual fact questions were pretty easy if you study.

Strategy #80

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I took the practice test that is available through the testing website first to see what I did and did not know. Math was my weak point, so I studied that the most using old TAKS tests and other math study books I found at Half Price Books. I also did a prep course through Texes Reviews. It helped the most with knowing how to answer questions correctly and eliminate answers.

Test: The test was about as hard as I expected, pretty similar to the practice test. There is so much info to study and memorize, but I found that the test taking strategies worked the best. I would take as many practice tests as possible to get familiar with how the questions are set up.

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