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Strategy #1

Study: I used REA's TeXes Generalist EC-6 study guide to prepare for the exam. I started studying about 2-3 weeks before my test and mainly focused on Language Arts/Reading since it's the largest percentage of the material. I did the 2 practice tests the week of my test and went over any material I was still unclear on. I also did a condensed review of all sections the night before my test.

Test: The test was harder than I expected. Almost all the questions are specific situational examples. You really have to think about what's best and most appropriate for the student. I had the hardest time narrowing down my answers in the Language Arts/Reading and Social Studies sections. Looking back I would've studied more about Texas history. I thought the math section was the easiest. I spent 3 hours on the test and marked about 20 questions that I wanted to review again before submitting. I was convinced that I didn't pass but I scored a 260. I took my test on a Saturday and received my results on Tuesday.

Strategy #2

Study: I used the REA book, Texas Teachers, T-Cert, Quizlet, and watched youtube videos for areas of math I had forgotten.

Test: The test was much easier than I expected. The math portion was very basic and I definitely over studied that section. ELA/R is the biggest portion of the test. I finished in a little over 2 hours without taking any breaks. Get a good nights rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and use common sense to eliminate wrong answers. You will do fine!

Strategy #3

Study: I studied from several different books and started about a month before the test. I initially planned to take the Generalist 4-8 test and had been studying that before then. I took the practice tests in the all of the books and really paid attention to the rationales. I focused mostly on English/Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Studies. I studied very little, if any, on the other domains (I ran out of time studying). I tried to study at least one to two hours per night.

Test: I watched the video on the ETS website about what to expect on testing day. I was VERY nervous, but the test was easier than I expected. I would suggest eating a good breakfast and getting plenty of rest the night before. Be familiar with parking and where you are taking the test so you won't be late. I went in prepared to spend the entire five hours taking the test (I'm a pretty fast test taker). I went through all the questions, flagged any questions I wasn't sure about, and took a quick break. I went through the test again and noticed some things I read incorrectly the first time. I read the ones I still wasn't sure about a third time. I spent about four hours total on the test. I got my results back the nest day and scored 265. I suggest taking your time and really make sure you understand what the question is asking. Good luck!

Strategy #4

Study: I spent about six weeks studying. I bought the REA study book and read the whole thing. The book has two complete practice tests which were super helpful! I also used the 'certified-in-a-flash' app. The application asks practice questions which I found very helpful. I also made flash cards with the language arts buzz words (phonemics, graphemes, morphemes, etc). I found the most useful resource was the TEA test prep manual. It gave a great overview and asked practice questions.

Test: It's long and tedious! Be ready! It took me four hours and by the end I was exhausted. The questions are tricky but just slow down and take your time. I had the hardest time with language arts (32% of test) and social studies. This was the first time for me to take the test and I passed with a 264!! Results were given two days after I took the test. Good luck!!!

Strategy #5

Study: The only study material I bought was the REA EC-6 textbook. It helped a lot, but I felt it had information that wasn't required for the test. Other than studying the REA textbook, I watched the Texas Teachers module, which helped, and also the T-CERT module. The MOST helpful aid for me was the t-CERT! I highly recommend it!! It's free and has a great presentation on what is on the test. But don't just rely on the T-CERT. It is good for reviewing and the practice exam because it's concise.

Test: I was nervous on test day, but I got plenty of rest and ate a good breakfast. My test was in the afternoon, at 1:00pm. I took two breaks, one to get water and one for the restroom. Other than that, I used the full 5 hours, took my time reading and re-reading the questions. Don't second guess yourself. Go with answers that seem best for the STUDENTS, and take your time! I passed the first time :)

Strategy #6

Study: I bought the REA EC-4 book. I couldn't find the EC-6 and it was always checked out at my library and I had a 1 week time crunch. I studied from that book mostly. What wasn't in that book I supplemented with the T-CERT modules slideshow. I also downloaded 4-6 grade STARR exams for the last few years. The ELA section wasn't too bad. I was coming off the Special Education EC-12 so a lot was fresh in my mind. The science was easier than I thought. Know the solar systems and all that entails. Big things about each planet. The water cycle, cells and DNA. ENERGY - know the ins and outs of each type of energy - potential, thermal, kinetic. Know the difference between. I passed so that's what counts but definitely give yourself at least 3 weeks minimum to study if you're in a crunch

Test: It was hard but I left feeling fine. The math was HARD. I knew Math was my weak spot so I focused on Science, History and ELA. There were a LOT of Music/Art/PE questions for me. About 20. Mostly PE questions so know that. It's the smallest section in study guides but Google to expand on what they give you in a guide KNOW modern Texas History. Every test is different but I had a LOT of modern Texas History. If give multiple choice I have an 80% good idea of which presidents came first but I did NOT study Texas Governors. Lots of 18th-21st century TX history. Know famous Texans in history who were noted in America. First Texan in Space, NASA history with Johnson Space Center, in public official nationally, etc. I KNOW history but a lot tripped me up. I did better than I thought but I was really torn between a lot of questions.

Strategy #7

Study: Well, I purchased the Kindle version of REA and the printed copy of the Ultimate Guide to the Generalist EC-6. I read both, completely, and took all of the sample exams. I completed the English and Math portions of the Texas Teachers EC-6 modules. I spent about 3 1/2 weeks immersed in this material as I knew nothing about the art of teaching. I've worked for a very well known high tech firm for my whole career. I am very thankful to all of the previous posters. They were very helpful.

Test: It was harder than I expected. I really had to read many questions multiple times. I think I was tired. Sleep more the night before and don't stay up worrying! I felt stupid on some of the Government questions. Study your amendments. I was scared I had failed but I made a 277. I took 3 1/2 hours to take the test, including reviewing the ELA section. Now for the real work of getting an interview and landing a job!!

Strategy #8

Study: First off, I have an Art degree that is 15 years old from out of state. I ordered the REA book and signed up for the 240 online help. There really is so much to learn and it seems like 80% of it wasn't on the test, but you don't know which 20% you need to know. I think I would have done it the same way looking back. I took 4 weeks and studied 1 to 2 hours a day.

Test: I called the day before to get directions since I live an hour away from the testing site. I learned they allowed snacks and drinks (they had a fridge) in the building, which turned out to be very helpful. Four days before the test I learned some terrible personal news and slept maybe 4 hours a night and stopped studying. I bought a Mt. Dew the size of my head and went to the test 2 hours early with little hope of passing. I took 4 hours and flagged 44 questions. I reread the questions 3 times and answered as best as I could. Somehow, I passed with a score of 267. I really believe studying for 4 weeks (and prayer) was the only reason I made it.

Strategy #9

Study: For this exam I used T-Cert and certify teacher to prepare. Both are great. The more practice exams you can take the better. I had been doing really well on my practice Math portion but when I took the actual exam I freaked out. The majority of the Math was about fractions which I really hate. Everything and anything about fractions was asked. For instance adding/subtracting fractions, turning fractions into whole numbers, convert fraction into decimal and vice versa. It was shocking that every time i would click on to the next question they just kept asking about fractions. I had not studied fractions at all. Then my History section was mostly about US history and some on Texas history. I had read on here before my exam that the majority of the history section was on Texas history so I am telling you now to study both!

Test: On the TEA website I had read that there are several versions of this exam and some are more challenging than others. When I left the exam I walked out of there bummed. I thought I had failed it. 3 days later I got my results and I had barely passed with a 244. My advice is study hard until you become familiar with the content. Use certify teacher study mode to focus on each domain at a time. Good luck!

Strategy #10

Study: I bought the REA book, signed up for certify teacher and used quizlet. I found quizlet helpful for terms related to English, social studies and science. The REA book wasn't too helpful besides the two practice tests in the back. Certify teacher was the best because most of the questions it gives you are application and gives you an explanation with each answer. Spend most of your time studying how to apply the different competences instead of learning material from the different competences. For the math study fractions , converting fractions to decimals , and using manipulatives in lessons. Social studies I didn't have many history questions , Texas or US. And science I had questions about the earth, phases of the moon and water cycle .

Test: The test took me almost three hours. I found it harder than I expected it to be. Some of the questions I reread over a few times before I knew exactly what it was asking me. When answering you have to pick the best answer because almost all the answers are correct. Make sure you are answering exactly what the question is asking. I didn't go over my questions once I was finished because on a few I started to second guess myself. I spent as much time as I needed on each question before moving to the next. I took the exam on a Monday and received my score Tuesday morning by 9:30 and I got a 260!!!!

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