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Strategy #1

Study: First off, I have an Art degree that is 15 years old from out of state. I ordered the REA book and signed up for the 240 online help. There really is so much to learn and it seems like 80% of it wasn't on the test, but you don't know which 20% you need to know. I think I would have done it the same way looking back. I took 4 weeks and studied 1 to 2 hours a day.

Test: I called the day before to get directions since I live an hour away from the testing site. I learned they allowed snacks and drinks (they had a fridge) in the building, which turned out to be very helpful. Four days before the test I learned some terrible personal news and slept maybe 4 hours a night and stopped studying. I bought a Mt. Dew the size of my head and went to the test 2 hours early with little hope of passing. I took 4 hours and flagged 44 questions. I reread the questions 3 times and answered as best as I could. Somehow, I passed with a score of 267. I really believe studying for 4 weeks (and prayer) was the only reason I made it.

Strategy #2

Study: For this exam I used T-Cert and certify teacher to prepare. Both are great. The more practice exams you can take the better. I had been doing really well on my practice Math portion but when I took the actual exam I freaked out. The majority of the Math was about fractions which I really hate. Everything and anything about fractions was asked. For instance adding/subtracting fractions, turning fractions into whole numbers, convert fraction into decimal and vice versa. It was shocking that every time i would click on to the next question they just kept asking about fractions. I had not studied fractions at all. Then my History section was mostly about US history and some on Texas history. I had read on here before my exam that the majority of the history section was on Texas history so I am telling you now to study both!

Test: On the TEA website I had read that there are several versions of this exam and some are more challenging than others. When I left the exam I walked out of there bummed. I thought I had failed it. 3 days later I got my results and I had barely passed with a 244. My advice is study hard until you become familiar with the content. Use certify teacher study mode to focus on each domain at a time. Good luck!

Strategy #3

Study: I bought the REA book, signed up for certify teacher and used quizlet. I found quizlet helpful for terms related to English, social studies and science. The REA book wasn't too helpful besides the two practice tests in the back. Certify teacher was the best because most of the questions it gives you are application and gives you an explanation with each answer. Spend most of your time studying how to apply the different competences instead of learning material from the different competences. For the math study fractions , converting fractions to decimals , and using manipulatives in lessons. Social studies I didn't have many history questions , Texas or US. And science I had questions about the earth, phases of the moon and water cycle .

Test: The test took me almost three hours. I found it harder than I expected it to be. Some of the questions I reread over a few times before I knew exactly what it was asking me. When answering you have to pick the best answer because almost all the answers are correct. Make sure you are answering exactly what the question is asking. I didn't go over my questions once I was finished because on a few I started to second guess myself. I spent as much time as I needed on each question before moving to the next. I took the exam on a Monday and received my score Tuesday morning by 9:30 and I got a 260!!!!

Strategy #4

Study: I used the REA study guide and the Mometrix flash card app. I found the study guide to be more helpful. Although the practice tests still didn't seem like they were very good imitations of the test.

Test: The test was much harder than I anticipated considering the amount of studying I did. I came out sure that I'd failed. It took me about 2 hours total, and that was with going back through all the questions a second time. Because there are so many questions that do not have concrete "right" answers it is easy to second guess yourself. I made a 275, so obviously I did better than I thought. Just choose the answers that feel like the best fit.

Strategy #5

Study: I bought the REA Study book for this test and found that the practice tests were difficult. I did not find any great Quizlets to use. I kept getting tripped up on the ELA and Best Scenerio type questions on the practice tests.

Test: I passed with 255 with the ELA being the worst area for me. But I passed and felt great. Just remember that these ask for higher level thinking. Know all the reading basics terminology as they are in several of the questions. The Math, Science, Social Studies and the rest of the test were a breeze. Don't sweat it, just use common sense.

Strategy #6

Study: I used multiple sources, I did my Texas Teacher EC-6 Generalist online course, got the REA study guide with several practice tests in it, and the Tcert website. I read the study guide when I first got it and then 2 weeks before the test went back and re-read all my highlighted parts and boxed areas. I did the course on T-cert and took the exam (which you can print a certificate for 4 hours of in-service training) did games on quizlet for science, language arts, social studies and art. I practiced math skills that I haven't used in a long time to refresh my memory. Study everyday for several weeks before the test and you will do good.

Test: Be prepared, take you time and try to relax. I took the whole test, then took a break for the restroom and to walk around a little bit then went back and reviewed all the questions. Many of the questions were easier than I expected.

Strategy #7

Study: I used the Certified in a Flash App, along with a quizlet set to study and took as many practice tests as I could find online. Many were just from a google search of EC-Generalist practice test. I took about 3 or 4 of them. The more the better. I also read many comments and focused on the terms that I saw often like the alphabet principle, phonological awareness, semantics... I watch YouTube videos in detail on topics I was not familiar with.

Test: I took the test June 3, 2014. When I started I was very concerned because I was not positive that the answers I selected were correct for sure. As time progressed, the test got easier. Stay calm and think out the questions. Narrow down to 2, then make sure you are answering the actual question appropriately for the given grade level. Keep a positive mindset and show all your thinking on paper. You will do just fine if you know basic math, American and Texas history, 5th grade science, and a lot of common sense. I made a 280 of my first try. Good luck!

Strategy #8

Study: I used REA's TExES Generalist EC-6 (191) study book by Rosado, A+ Texas Teachers EC-6 Modules,, and Certified in a Flash iPhone app. I feel that all of the material combined really gave me the majority of the support I needed to confidently take the test. I studied off and on for about 3 months with all of my resources. I believe that the most accurate information for the test came from the REA study book, however there were some questions that were not reviewed in any of the materials, so there's not much that can be done there. You just have to use your process of elimination skills and common sense.

Test: The day of the exam, I woke up early and ate a "brain food breakfast" (whole grains, bananas, natural peanut butter) and got my head in the books. I took practice tests on and passed, giving me more confidence to proceed to the exam. I stayed relaxed and studied all day. Before the exam I ate a "brain food lunch" (whole grains, salami, avocado) and dressed comfortably. I prayed the entire drive there and had many friends and family offering words of encouragement and prayers. This REALLY gave me the encouragement I needed. To be honest, it was harder than I expected especially because the majority of my test version was geared more towards 5th & 6th grade content that I had not seen in my review material. Keep in mind there are many versions of the test primarily geared towards varying levels. My biggest advice would be to go with your first instinct on questions you are unsure of. I went through the entire exam once and decided to take a break and come back to go over it again. In the second round I changed some answers that I found out later I had correct the first time. Do not second guess yourself! I took the exam 6/6 at 5:30 pm and my scores were posted online by 9:10 am the next morning. I passed with a 258! Study often, lean on your support system, pray, eat well, believe in yourself and do your best!

Strategy #9

Study: I used the Texas Teachers study module and the Certify Teacher program. I thought the Texas Teachers study module was extremely helpful. I studied for about a month before the exam and just went through the module, listened, and took notes on anything I thought was very important. The module pretty much covered everything that was on the exam. Certify Teacher was also helpful and gave the opportunity to practice more questions. Both of these would be good resources- but if you had to choose one, I'd go with the Texas Teachers module.

Test: The test was about what I expected it to be. It was not super difficult, nor was it super easy. The questions are not super easy and you definitely have to read the questions carefully because you can easily be tricked. If you put in some time to study for the exam, it shouldn't be bad. I found out a couple of days later that I passed the exam!

Strategy #10

Study: My best advice is to just spend the couple of bucks and buy a study guide. I checked out several from the library that were sub par before buying the REA study guide. I bought the kindle edition for about $15. I took the pretest and read the book cover to cover starting with the sections I missed questions in. Then I took both of the practice tests. I scored in the 80's on all of the practice tests. I also used the TCERT site for the practice test.

Test: I took the test 5/19/14, and I received my scores by 9:30 the next morning. I left feeling nervous since it was my first test, but I felt fairly confident. The difficulty of the test lied between that of the TCERT practice test and the REA practice tests (with the REA tests being more difficult). I passed just fine. Just read carefully, and reread as you need to. Narrow down the answers, and take your time. I finished in less than 2 hours. If you prepare and read carefully this test should give you no issues.

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