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Strategy #11

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Even though I had done some tutoring and after school program work in the past, I did not go to college to be a teacher, let alone a math teacher. I had calculus and college algebra but that was many years ago. I liked math and did well in mathematics up to calculus in High School. I spent about five weeks to study for the test. I began by going through this study community to find suggestions. I bought the TExES 115 Guide by REA. This was one of the best resources for preparing for the test. I recommend studying this first and going back through it later. It also gave a good idea of what to study for the test. Even so, by itself is not sufficient as there were quite a bit of questions on the exam that were not included in this resource. I also got the TExES 115 (XAM) study guide and went over this next. This one almost made me quit. It was very theory based and covered advanced material that was not on the test, let alone covered in middle school math. The practice test was somewhat helpful. I recommend just scanning through it and referring to the examples. A person can pass without this resource however, this made me decide to put off taking the test a few weeks and this was a good idea. The actual test was harder than I had anticipated. I definitely needed to study to pass. I went through Cliff Notes: Basic Math, Algebra 1-2, Geometry, and Statistics which was helpful. I also bought pre-calculus and trig but these were not needed, although other people suggested using them as well. I covered the ETS TExES preparation material. Most helpful were the sample questions and also ordering the 50 questions with solutions from ETS. This one is essential for knowing what the actual test will be like. I used the 50 question extra practice test (costs money) a few days beforehand and it gave me confidence as well as to know what to study before I took the actual test. T-Cert is too brief and not very helpful but free. 240 Tutoring was alright though not absolutely necessary. Certify Teacher was okay for the practice exams but most of the questions were repetitive. A lot of questions don't reflect what is on the actual test so it is not necessary.

Test: I got a 289 out of 300. I spent the whole five hours to complete the exam. I only had time to review questions I left blank or were not sure of. I started with the questions I knew how to do easily first. I also narrowed down answer choices if I was unsure. The teaching scenario questions are fairly tricky. Most of the test consisted of math problems and only a small percent had to do with classroom situations. It is definitely possible to pass this test without studying math or teaching in college, as long as one has the basics as a foundation. However, take time to study. I studied probably 20-30 hours a week for 5 weeks.

Strategy #12

This test was taken on Paper.


Test: It's a long test (5 hours). Therefore, I would recommend getting your eight hours of sleep the night before and picking up a light breakfast. The test itself was somewhat challenging. I scored a 281 on my first try. I didnt review the test when I was done but feel I should have.

Strategy #13

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the REA book and the State Prep Manual, and I studied off and on for about 6 weeks. I have been tutoring middle school and high school math for several years so I had recently revisited several concepts. I have used Mr. Tarrou's Chalk Talk to review concepts for tutoring, and that is a great source for anyone who needs to review basics. I took all 3 practice tests from these 2 sources, and I reviewed missed questions. If I had it to do over again, I would spend more time on Calculus and Probability as outlined in the Prep Manual. I would have also spent more time on Domains 5 and 6. I reviewed them quickly in REA the week of the test.

Test: I took the test in the morning after an early bedtime, breakfast, and a workout. I did not take a break, but that might have been a good idea. I probably should have moved around a little more in that time. I felt like the test was harder than I was expecting, but I think that was because of the way I took the test. I worked on the hardest questions at the end, and I forgot how many easy questions I answered quickly. I ran through the whole test answering what I knew immediately or with little work. I marked everything else. If I had an idea of the answer that I needed to test, I put an answer with a mark. I numbered all of my work on my scratch paper so I could find it quickly. Once I got to the end of the test, I went back to solve what I could answer the quickest. I did this until I had an answer for all questions. I also ran through the test tutorial online at the TEA website. There are resources there, and it is helpful to use them. Make sure to read the questions carefully! I spent 15 minutes on one question because I missed one little part of the question. Once I read it the 4th time, I got the answer right away. It is better to read it several times from the start. If I had tested on paper, I would have seen my mistake right away. If you are visual/tactile, make sure to take at least one online practice test. The online tests in REA gave you a good feel for how the tests were administered, and they prepared you for answering questions on a computer. The content for those 3 tests combined gave a decent feel for the type of questions on the test, but there were still concepts on the test that were not covered in those tests. I was only allowed a certain amount of scratch paper, and I had to trade out sheets during the test. I had to see what work I had on the paper for unanswered questions so that I could hand in a page that I didn't need. If you use a lot of paper to work problems, keep this in mind. It felt like there were usually 2 good answers on some of the instruction questions. Take your time and think about each one. I scored 272, and I had my results 3 days after I took the test.

Strategy #14

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used a few prep books for 4-8 Mathematics and Promo code:SAVE-JWAS to get a 10% discount. The website listed helped me out the most out of the all the prep materials I used! Don't rely on only the prep books you find in the bookstore since the question on the real exam are a lot harder, which is why the website works best!

Test: The test was somewhat difficult, but with the help of, you will easily pass the exam with enough effort! And also make up test question similar to the practice exam from the website!

Strategy #15

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: The University of Houston has a free resource created to prepare educators for the mathematics portion of their teacher certification exams. This website, found at , gives access to over 20 different online quizzes which cover a wide range of mathematical topics and concepts, based around the TExES 4-8 Mathematics Competencies. These free resource materials should be useful for: • Texas educators preparing for the TExES 4-8 Mathematics Exam • Educators everywhere who are preparing for other mathematics-based certification exams Individuals can take as few or as many quizzes as they want, in any order, depending on the content which they need to practice. The quizzes are graded automatically as soon as they are submitted, and people have the option to take each quiz again and again. Most of the quiz questions are programmed so that the numbers are different each time that the quiz is taken, allowing people to practice the same content without repeating the exact same problems. A discussion board has been set up so that users can ask others how to solve quiz problems, and also lend their expertise on topics which they have mastered.


Strategy #16

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I passed the old test and used that material to study for the current test and failed by one questions. In preparation for the second attempt I bought XAMonline, filled up a spiral with notes and studied for 7 weeks. I got a 265. I also used the website to fill in the gaps.

Test: The second time I took the exam I really focused, used process of elimination and was fine. I STRONGLY recommend the study guide and test practice. Well worth the $20. used amazon price.

Strategy #17

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the TExES manual and bought two exams from However, neither were the best solution.

Test: I am an accounting graduate with a minor in statistics and I tutor math. To me this was by far the hardest test I have ever taken. Not all the questions were math questions. There were also alot of probability questions, luckily I knew those. About 15 questions in I was so upset I knew I was not going to pass. I started to skip around answering the ones I knew and made educational quesses on the other ones. I am very proud to say I passed I got a 240 exactly. I plan to take the high school soon but I definitely will get better study material so I am better prepared. Don't give up take your time, you have 5 hours and that is plenty for only 90 questions. Just study probability, geometry, algebra and you should be fine.

Strategy #18

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I prepared from XAM and followed the preparation manual. I also used, state text books for Algebra 1 and my son's Geometry text books were very useful.

Test: I took the paper based test and there were some very tough questions that I did not know. I first solved the easy ones, then went back to the tough ones. There were a lot of statistics questions. You had to analyze from the graphs given. There was mostly High School Geometry. I think most of the tough questions are the non scored ones. There was little probability. I made a 266. Just be sure about all the concepts.There were a lot of questions from Algebra 1 functions as well.

Strategy #19

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the REA preparation manual.. The test prep format was close to the actual test, so I felt comfortable. I made flashcards with vocabulary and formulas. I was not provided with a formula sheet and was glad that I was well-prepared and had memorized everything I would need. I didn't spend much time on the last two chapters of the book and passed these easily on the practice tests.

Test: I found the actual test to be a little bit harder than the practice test. I made sure to keep a good pace and mark the questions I found difficult. I didn't want to spend too much time on one problem and marked them for review later. This helped as I was able to find the answers on the second review. I finished with 45 minutes left to go and used the review button to make sure I didn't leave any questions unanswered. I scored a 272. I took the test on a Tuesday morning and had my score by Friday 2 pm.

Strategy #20

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I'm an engineer major, so I had a good grasp on math concepts. I also taught under a probationary contract in NC, which helped me with the classroom scenario questions. I used the REA Mathematics 4-8 Review Book. I started off taking the first practice test provided on the CD,w hich I passed with a 242/300 (you need a 240 to pass). I recognized I only used 2.5 out of the 5 hours allotted for the test after analyzing each question I got wrong and reviewing the correct answer. I went back and worked through each chapter, focusing mainly on the concepts I did not remember. I made flash cards using the terms I needed to remember. The practice test on the CD was set up much like the test would be.

Test: The difficulty level of the test was as expected. What I did not study as much seemed to have me tripped up. My particular test did not have as many Probability and Statistics questions as I thought. A lot of Geometry and measurement problems. I worked through the whole test at a comfortable pace for me (which tends to be rather quick), and marked the questions I needed to spend more time on. I then went back to those questions and took my time, re-reading those questions 3 or 4 times if necessary. RE READ the questions. Remember you do have access to a formula sheet while taking the test. That came in handy; at the same time some formulas you just need to know. The best thing to do is have a study plan (take a realistic computer based practice test or two & review) come up with a system, know the pace that works for you and stick to it. For me personally, there was no way I could make myself sit through 5 whole hours. I would have started second guessing too many answers. I completed the test in a little over 3.5 hours, and passed with a 282/300rn

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