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Strategy #31

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I went to I also used the XAM study guide and college textbooks.

Test: The test was tricky but I think I over-prepared. Study these areas: Fibonacci Sequence, geometric probability, functions, interpret graphs for Algebra, stats and geometry, cartesian coordinates, spatial reasoning, deductive/inductive logic, trig (know how to apply sin and cos), lengths doubled - how does that affect volume, surface area, Pythagorean Theorem, definitely know how to calculate area of geometric shapes, 1 calculus question about tangent line of a circle and finding the rate of change, know how to calculate area of a circle, a couple of geometric net questions, and a few questions on teaching math and either what works best for students or what is the teacher trying to get across to their students (you really can't study for these, you just have to choose the best answer). There were very few questions regarding performing calculations, and most questions were application based. No questions on educational theory like Piaget or Blooms. Don't be nervous. Get rest the night before and eat before the test. It took me 3.5 hours to complete 90 questions. Take a break halfway through the test.

Strategy #32

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I did the sample questions found on the website. Other than that, I just flipped through my daughter's high school Algebra book to try and re-familiarize myself with concepts that I hadn't seen in 20 years.

Test: I expected it to be harder than any 4-8 grade Math test, but not as hard as it really was. It had concepts about probability that I hadn't seen since college. There was some geometry and calculus also. It was hard but I made a 253.

Strategy #33

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: Initially I got Cliff Notes Quick Review for Basic Math and Algebra and Geometry to refresh my memory. Then I started studying from the XAM Texes Math 4-8 study guide, which helped me figure out what to focus on. I thought the XAM was confusing and they didn't do a really good job explaining how to do the problems. I was starting to get discouraged, but then contacted a friend that is a really good tutor and I sat down with him and he really helped me understand the concepts. After studying for 8 hours a day for two weeks I felt completely ready to take the exam. Contact me if you would like his info.

Test: The exam was so different from what I was expecting. The questions seemed so different from the ones in both the XAM book as well as the ones in the State manual. The actual math calculations weren't hard at all but there were so many conceptual questions that had me second guessing myself. When I walked out of the exam, I wasn't sure whether I had passed or failed, but was extremely happy that I passed with a 258!

Strategy #34

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Studies the XAM for TExES Math 4-8

Test: I downloaded the study manual off the test website, but that wasn't much of a help considering it didn't have an answer explanation like the XAM study manual. If I got the question wrong, I wanted to know which step in problem solving did I miss. The XAM offeres that. It costs about $60 at Borders/ Barnes & Noble. Well worth the money. I walked out of the test center feeling uneasy, but got my test scores and I passed! I was really relieved. I strongly recommend it. The test had a lot of probabilities and statistics but worded tricky. Make sure you read through the question twice and understand exactly what the question is asking for. Review your trigonometry as well. There are several on those......

Strategy #35

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I got Cliff's Notes for Pre-Cal, Trig, Algebra I and Algebra II. I also took online test provided through Texas Teachers website (link to practice tests). I also bought a study guide as a last review a week before the test from a bookstore. I even went online and found tutorials over information I was rusty on or had difficulty mastering

Test: The test was easier than I expected. The online practice test was a lot more difficult than the actual test. I felt overprepared, but would still have studied the entire amount even knowing the test was easier than expected.

Strategy #36

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I have not taken the content exam yet, but I have been studying cliffnotes from basic math through precalculus. I printed out the Texes preparation manual math 4-8, and I still don't understand how to study for the content exam. Can anybody help me find good resources to help prepare for the exam?

Test: I don't understand how to solve some of the questions on the preparation manual math 4-8.

Strategy #37

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the Pass The Texes study book from Ed Publishing, used the state prep guide, and bought some Cliffs study guides in all the different disciplines (calc, trig, geometry, algebra, stats). I found that using the state prep guide and the Ed Publishing materials as a framework to study from the Cliffs texts worked well. My weakest areas were in pedagogy and assessment, which accounted for most of the items missed on my test. I don't know how I would study differently for that portion, as it seems somewhat judgment-bound.

Test: The test was about what I expected. Not too many problems that involve any real problem-solving or calculation. Much of the test was conceptual in nature, so a focus on general principles and theory would probably be beneficial. As for tricks, I would just say to narrow down the choices on questions you are unsure of, and review your work as a self-check at the end of the test. I received a 266 on my first try using my strategy.

Strategy #38

This test was taken on Computer.


Test: I posted strategy 65, and I got my results I PASSED!!!!!!! SOOO EXCITED!!! Competency 001-003 (Number concepts) had 12 questions Competency 004-007 (Patterns and Algebra) had 17 questions Competency 008-011 (Geometry and Measurement) had 19 questions Competency 012-014 (Probability and Statistics) had 12 questions Competency 015-016 (Mathematical Processes and Perspectivies) had 8 questions Compentency 014-019 (Mathematical Learning/Instruction/Assessment) had 12 questions Took the test Monday, got my results Tuesday...if you know math, study processes and definitions. There is alot of "what is the teacher trying to teach" questions.

Strategy #39

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I took the test today on the computer. I used the 9th grade TAKS manual, the state study guide, and cliff notes.

Test: The practice tests in both the 9th grade TAKS and the state study guide were easy, I missed only one or two. The actual test was not really about math...I had very few probability questions, and alot of angles and non linear equations. Know math definitions! The test is mostly giving you examples of something and then you state what the teacher is trying to teach. It is not about solving math equations at all...I'm not sure how well I did. I took about 2 hours to complete the exam and 1 hour to go over it.

Strategy #40

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the online state manual and the XAM Math 4 - 8 study guide. Working problems really helped. The XAM study guide had computational errors and the test didn't seem like the study guide. I would go to classes offered and get a great study guide and ALWAYS study theories and rules.

Test: It was hard, but I expected it to be. Study as much as you can, understand the theories and rules of math. Know your math forwards and backwards and don't be anxious

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