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Strategy #61

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the study guide recommended by I also took the practice test.

Test: It was a little bit harder than I expected but I stressed out way too much for no reason. Take the practice exam and learn the format as it will help greatly.

Strategy #62

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used Pass the TExES Math 4-8. I would tell those taking it not to stress. The study materials were much harder than the exam.

Test: It was much easier than I thought. The study material covered five times the actual content of the test. Simply refreshing your memory with basic Algebra and problem solving will be enough.

Strategy #63

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I ordered a study manual and practice manual. The study manual gave me a better understanding of the competency areas. It also made me think of areas beyond just working out problems. The only thing that I would do differently is study more.

Test: It was harder than I expected. I would encourage anyone that is about to take the test to read, understand, and practice all of the questions and competency areas.

Strategy #64

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the TExES Generalist 4-8 (Math protion) free online study manual. The practice tests in my textbook and online helped the most. Also for additional help.

Test: Easier than I expected. Passed the first time with a good score. Take your time. You have 5 hours. I finished with plenty of extra time and I went back and re-checked every single answer. It puts you at ease just to not feel pressured that you haven't enough time to be thorough.

Strategy #65

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used SBEC sample questions printed out in PDF. It shows you types of questions that will be on the test. Also, has a list of competencies which are subjects you will need to know. I would tell someone studying for it to do the SBEC questions to see weak areas and use online resources to brush up.

Test: It was what I expected, mosty likely due to the fact that I looked at the sample questions. Don't over-analyze questions.

Strategy #66

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the online Texes preparation manual, the XAM study guide, and also looked up a few topics, functions, etc with the cliff note books. I think the test is most like the online Texes sample test.

Test: I knew the test was going to be challenging and it was about what I had expected. Much harder than the XAM practice test and similar to the online test questions. I was surprised with the amount of pedagogy questions...I had far more of those than probability and geometry. I felt uncertain when I finished my test, but managed to pass. My advice, you really need to know everything. My test had no function questions and no sine, cosine, tangent questions either. The tests really are so different so...take a few weeks and have a general knowledge of most things and you should be fine. Good luck!

Strategy #67

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the XAM book and some Morrison Media cards. I also took notes of items that were unexplained or wrong in the book (you'd be surprised how often those pop up). I also gave myself plenty of time to study and soak info in.

Test: The main thing I learned is that there are some questions you must work backwards, i.e. plug in the answers into the equation. Sounds easy, but the way the questions are worded, it is easy to make mistakes. Also, if you have time, go through the test again and check your answers. I know I corrected at least 3 or 4 minor mistakes that would have cost me the problem altogether.

Strategy #68

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used Preparation Manual for the TExES from The TExES Study Session company, it was a lot more useful for me than the guide provided by the state online. The questions were closer to the manual's examples than the states.

Test: The test was easier than I was expecting. The state provided guide made the test seem like it was going to be a lot harder. There were a few things not covered by either manual, just use common sense, take your time, and don't stay on one question for too long, mark it and go back. Often seeing it later will give you a different way of looking at it.

Strategy #69

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I took Maths6-12 in Florida two years ago so this time it's not too hard. But my difficulty is in assesment. From the date I decided to take to the test date, I totally have less than a month to prepare. I read the free study guide from ETS and paid more attention to the knowledge skills on the list.

Test: It's wired that they didn't accept driver license due to the citizenship reason. For those who are not American citizen, you need to take your passport. I am lucky that I can reschedule to the later time on the same day. But I stay there for about 10 hours. I did the test very carefully and try to make all the knowledge skills correct and try my best to do the others. So the result show most of the errors are in assessment. It took me about 4 hours to finish the test.

Strategy #70

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the XAM study guide. The content in the guide was great. But the practice test was full of errors. The errors are pretty obvious, so I still used it to study. I also practiced with every TAKS test I could get ahold of.

Test: The test was exactly what I studied for. No surprises. Make sure you get a good night sleep. Make sure there is food in your tummy. Take your time reading the questions, and double, triple check your work. You will do great!

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