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Strategy #1

Study: I went through UT COERLL methods online class. I also studied all online language practice tests and practiced writing all answers.

Test: The time constraints on this test make it difficult. You have to write three constructed response answers in French, given about 45 minutes total for all three. One of which you also have to read a long passage to comment on it. Haven't gotten my score back, but I'm hoping they are somewhat lenient. I knew the material and could have done a great job if I'd been given ample time.

Strategy #2

Study: I used the study materials provided through the state site. [PDF] TExES LOTE French EC-12 Supplemental Guide - ETS - Texes Know cultural facts about both Canada and France. Brush up on listening through tv web sites. I know they used a lot of clips from French TV news, economic terms, etc. The oral part is easy, but I didn't like the timed format. Sometimes I felt like I had to keep talking because I had already answered the question but I still had too much time left, so I just continued talking. Biggest problem I had was with the tool bar. I kept forgetting the accent marks and often had to delete entire sentences and go back. Found it very tedious and time consuming. So, practice using that tool bar.

Test: Pace yourself. The test is timed, and I found myself waiting on the next question whenever I finished answering easy ones. I'm not too sure if you can click to the next question and have more time to go back? Anyway, I didn't dare do that and mess it up, so I wouldn't know. Know how to write a lesson plan. Anyway, it's not the easiest test to pass, so feel free to contact me and I will help you. Good luck!

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