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Strategy #1

Study: I purchased the Ed Publishing book and went through it. I also brushed up on the color wheel and html coding. As I went through the book, I made note cards for terms I did not know well. After I was finished going through the book, I studied my note cards. I remembered quite a bit of this information from my graduate studies in Instructional Technology, so that was helpful. I then came across the 30-day study guide, but didn't have enough time to use it thoroughly. If I had to do it over, I would definitely use the 30-day guide, it seemed very helpful.

Test: No tricky questions, if you know all the terms. I felt very confident when I was finished. Completed the exam fairly quickly, but went back through to check my answers as some of them triggered my memory. Passed on first try with a 256. Just know all the acronyms, color wheel, html codes for page breaks and paragraphs.

Strategy #2

Study: I borrowed a Texes book from a friend however, it was 10 years old. It was a good resource and starting point. I read it cover to cover once. Besides the Texes book, my main resource was Quizlet. I learned the flash cards for each area, created my own folder and saved the flash cards for every section. You have to understand the concepts and be able to apply them. It had no HTML coding on the test but a few questions where it made sense to understand the language. There were a lot of video and multimedia questions. Definitely study the color wheel and all of the terms associated with the color wheel. Understand networks and all of the terms associated with them. I only gave myself 3 weeks to study.

Test: The test was easier than I thought it would be but there were definitely a few questions that were tricky. I was able to narrow most down to two answers and just took my best guess. Take a lot of practice tests so you know what to expect.

Strategy #3

Study: I started my preparation and review just about a month before the exam date and used the "Pass the TExES Technology Application EC-12" (4th Edition) by McLeod & Mentze almost exclusively. I also did the practice quizzes posted on this blog as well as the one included in the TEA preparation manual. I read through the text material at least three times. The third time, I took the time to make a list of each of the major concepts outlined under the 12 competencies. Then I set out to define them in my own words. I recorded myself reading through my notes.The recording helped with memorization and recall of information. I could almost repeat my recording word-for-word. Being the visual learner that I am, I also looked up YouTube explanations as well as visual representations of the concepts that I was unfamiliar with such as the color wheel. While by no means a techie, I have to admit that I have some academic and practical background in using technology in teaching and learning. My advice to a novice taking the test would be to do a more in-depth exploration of the concepts outlined in the text mentioned above. By the way, I selected that text because it was the most affordable option I could find. Pay attention to best practices in planning, implementing, and evaluating teaching/learning activities. Knowledge of the technology concepts are worthless only if you can't use them successfully in the classroom.

Test: Because so many here had admitted finding the test more difficult than expected, I went in expecting it to be mighty difficult. However, I left the exam room feeling quite confident that I had passed. Figure out the best way you learn in order to help you master the material. For me, it was a combination of visual and auditory routines. If you have to make and color a color-wheel to understand it, do that. I obtained a score of 264 on the test. I wasn't satisfied with the amount of time I devoted to preparing for the test, but apparently, my preparation method was effective.

Strategy #4

Study: I downloaded the state study guide and purchased a basic technology textbook from Half-Price Books to reacquaint myself with the terms. My master's program covered digital media so I as familiar with a lot of the terminology. Definitely review the color wheels and file types (i.e. jpeg, png, gif, bitmap etc.). I used the Passthetexas guide which was very helpful. If you have any type of tech knowledge and are familiar with basic terms, you should be fine. I scored the least in the Domain 4/Competencies 10, 11 and 12. I would be sure to study that area.

Test: The test was pretty easy to me. I guess because I knew a lot of the material. Brush up on the terminology. Its very basic. is the probably the best guide in addition to the state guide. I studied for a good strong week before taking the test. I scored 248 on the exam the first and only time I took it!

Strategy #5

Study: I purchased the Jim Beckas material from his website and I also purchased the "Pass the TeXes Exam" Study Guide. The Jim Beckas material is excellent as it structures the practice test questions just like the real test. I also created my own multiple choice questions from the "Pass the TeXes Exam" Study Guide. My strategy going in was to quiz myself until I knew all of the material and it worked.

Test: The test is not hard at all if you have prepared yourself for it. If you are not prepared to take the test it will be apparent early on. Like others have stated the test questions are structured toward application. There are two obvious wrong answers, there is one answer that "COULD BE" right and there is one answer that "IS" right. Choose the "perfect world" answer. Be sure to know the Color Wheel! Also know the media file types and what they are used for (i. e. jpeg, .gif, .tif, .mpeg). Know what the different multimedia software is used for, like Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc. Know the basics of animation, and video lighting. I answered all of the test questions in about an hour and a half (I took my time) then I spent the next hour and a half going back over them. This helped because I found about 4 questions that I didn't read carefully and had put down the wrong answer. Going back over the questions allowed me to catch my mistakes. I scored a 270.

Strategy #6

Study: ETS Study Guide, Jim Becka's Practice Test ( I did not have a lot of money to spend, so I didn't. It worked out find. I refreshed my memory on terms/concepts as needed. I used the ETS study guide as a guideline on what specifically to study.

Test: It was more theoretical that I expected. A lot of situational questions. I was most worried about the Digital Graphics/Animation/Desktop Publishing section. However, I actually ended up doing the best on that section (only 3 answers missed). Tips: For the situational questions, pick answer that makes the most sense (i.e. use common sense).

Strategy #7

Study: I am a recent college grad so most of the information was still fresh on my mind. I bought the "Pass the TExES" study book online. There are 12 "chapters" in the book and I read one chapter a day. After that, I just kept reviewing each chapter to keep the information fresh in my mind. Everything that was covered in this book was on the test. For an extra supplement I also bought a subscription on for this test. For me this was also very useful. Same material as what was in the book but just in a different format. It also gives you test questions to practice what you know.

Test: Most of the questions were situation questions. So it tells you that you want the kids to do this certain thing. What is the best way of achieving it? Most of the questions you could narrow it down to two answer choices. As others have stated, there were color wheel questions too.. If you know basic HTML you will do fine on that section. I plan on taking the business test as well and I will be using the same type of studying strategy for it.

Strategy #8

Study: I used Beckas and practice online test. I studied a little until about a week before the test and then I devoted a lot of time to it going through Beckas 30 day book in a weekend and taking the practice exams from I took the advice of studying the color wheel that I found here and that helped as I did not consider it important. I knew I could not learn HTML and don't even understand why it's on the test.

Test: I arrived early and they started me early. I made tick marks on a sheet for the ones I knew for sure and felt confident I had answered correctly. Some of the questions were quite dumb because they lacked a "real world" answer. They were more theoretical than practical. I got my scores yesterday and finished with a 283 out of 300.After answering all of the questions, I reviewed each one and believe it or not I found one that I had answered incorrectly because I did not really think about the question. On second look, I got it right.

Strategy #9

Study: I used Jim Beckas 30 Days Technology Applications Study Guide to help me pass the Tech. Appl EC-12 test. It really helped just know the color wheel and know about the webmastering section. Those questions can be very hard. I had the Region 4 book but to me Jim Beckas study guide is more in depth and more detailed to were you can understand it. I hope this helps!!! Good Luck!!1

Test: It was hard but just think through the questions and take your time reading from beginning to end so that you can answer correctly.

Strategy #10

Study: I used the Region IV study guide. I have extensive experience in IT, so the areas of focus for me were Color Charts, HTML, and Lighting for video. If I were to do anything differently, it would be to spend a little more time on the HTML coding.

Test: The test was as expected. Read the question, eliminate the immediate wrong answers and make your selection for the best right answer.

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