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Strategy #1

Study: I did not buy any prep materials. I searched for as many free review questions as possible. If I didn't know the answer, I wrote it down and went over that and other information like it: EX. if it was a question about the cardiovascular system, I would specifically go back over that. I studied all the body systems thoroughly. I'm really glad I took this toward the end of my first year teaching because I feel like my background in healthcare and teaching 3 different HST classes prepared me well.

Test: It was pretty much what I expected. 100 questions, very similar to the review questions I studied. It took me about 2 hours to complete. I starred any question I wasn't sure on and went back through at the end. Some of the answers came to me after going back through. Like everyone else said below - heavy on digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, immune systems, insurance and government agencies, vital sign norms, antibiotics, nutrition and medical terminology. Go over as many practice questions as possible. Go over basics of each body system but definitely know the above pretty well. I haven't gotten my scores back, but I feel really good about it.

Strategy #2

Study: I purchased 3 different study guides on-line (Pass the TExES, Mometrix and Teaching Solutions by Ann Anderson). I also read through the preparation manual provided by TEA. All of the previous study tips from previous testers helped a lot! I would also study the cardiovascular system and know how vital sign ranges change a bit according to the patient's age. While I was reviewing the study material, I would looked up anything I didn't understand. Quizlets were helpful and the CTE.UNT.EDU website is an excellent resource.

Test: It took me 2 hours to take the test. Some questions I really felt like I knew the answers and others I had to spend some time thinking about. I took my test on Saturday morning and found out the following Tuesday that I passed with a 277! I completed the entire test, took a short break, and then went back through to check my answers. Good luck!

Strategy #3

Study: I used the Pass the TExES to study for the test as well as Quizlet to review medical terminology,health science etc. I would recommend to review the Nervous System thoroughly.

Test: The test was harder than I expected.I would suggest studying Vitamins, Nutrition and reviewing all the body systems. Also review Medicare and Medicaid

Strategy #4

Study: I used the Texes study guide to take the test but I found it was a little harder than I thought it would be. Make sure the know your vitamins and there use. Viruses or bacteria. I do not know my score yet but I am nervious.


Strategy #5

Study: I mainly used the Pass the TExES to study for the test. If I needed clarification on a topic that I did not understand in the study guide, I researched it online. I passed the exam the first time but would study reproductive health topics more.

Test: The test was what I expected after using my study guide.

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