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Strategy #11

Study: I used my previous textbooks. It seems that you need to understand art theory prior to trying to study for the test.

Test: The only thing you can really do is pay attention to the words "best" and "most" to deduct your answer. Always think about what you would do in the ideal world. Plus, if you read the question and don't understand it, skip it, and move on because some of the later question's answers will give you hints. Use your common sense.

Strategy #12

Study: This is the website I used to study: I recommend spending a good deal of time studying the Elements, Principals and Media sections, but browse the rest of it, too. After several years away from school, this study guide made the difference between doing well and doing poorly for me on the test, I'm sure.

Test: Remember to skip and come back to the questions that stump you. Good luck!

Strategy #13

Study: Online, I found a website with good summaries on the basics - elements, principals, movements, etc.

Test: It was harder than expected. There were a lot of questions on techniques, printmaking, photography, etc. Many questions were answered in later questions, so skip what you don't know and return for them later.

Strategy #14

Study: -None: The material was fresh. I just came out of college, but I would recomend getting an art book from a bookstore.

Test: It was long and I used up all the time. The material was pretty comprehensive, but not too overwhelming.

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