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Strategy #1

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the Barron Test material, the TExES E-book and the ETS website.

Test: This is my second time taking the test. The first time I took it. I got 235. When I completely focused and did a intensive review of test questions and ESL, I earned a 270. Think perfect considitions with unlimited funds and resources. Also, think of things that favor the student not the teacher .

Strategy #2

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Two weeks before i took the test, I studied the practice text on the Texas Teacher website, downloaded the practice book from the TExES website, looked at the interactive test on YouTube, and completed the ETS practice test. Make sure to take that test and look at the answer and rationale at the end.

Test: Most of the test consisted of ELL question, so study that. The first couple of questions were hard, but after I calmed down the test became a lot easier. On my 1st attempt I passed with a 258. Just study, breath and rest you got this!!!

Strategy #3

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I only took the interactive practice test to study. I looked up a few things about ELLs because I saw where a lot of people said there were a lot of questions over it, and they were right!

Test: Honestly, I felt like it was super hard! I was so nervous; I thought for sure I did not pass, but I made a 260! There will always be 2 answers that seem right, make sure to read EXACTLY what the question is asking because you will think an answer is right, but it's not necessarily what is being asked. Pay attention to grade-levels and ages in the questions, it will be a big indicator on what the answer is!

Strategy #4

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used was the Texas Teacher test and study guide. When doing the pretests and modules, try to understand WHY the other answers are wrong, try not to just memorize the answers. Test was easy! I studied for about 10 hours total.

Test: Try to not over think the answers. I scored a 287 first try. Read over the questions and really understand what the question is looking for.

Strategy #5

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the Certify Teacher review from Texas Teachers and the TEA assessment. I took the Certify Teacher Exam cold and passed the first attempt (240). I used the results to plan which competencies I needed to study, compared to which ones I needed to review. Camped out in the study mode and I took another full exam from Certify and scored 270. Repeated that process one more time. The flash cards are great for comprehending acronyms. You must know your ELL levels in reading, writing, speaking and listening. You need to know levels of Blooms Taxonomy, Piaget’s Developmental Levels and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Assessment and scoring (raw and scale scores, percentile, validity, reliability…), learning styles, grouping strategies, instructional theories, motivation, behavior reinforcement, and how to interact with parents and the community. I studied for a year in the classroom and 8 days of test prep; 1-2 hours a day.

Test: Overall the questions on the test resembled Certify Teacher/TEA, and the test was just what I expected. I found that turning the question into a statement and then questioning the answer choices helped me eliminate 2 answer choices. I clicked my way to question 100 and worked backwards. I was glad I did because questions 1-10 were the hardest questions. The entire exam took about 2 and a half hours with a bathroom and snack break. Trust your instincts, you know way more than you realize. I tested on Saturday morning and received a score of 260 the following Tuesday.

Strategy #6

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I did practice tests on the Certify Teacher review in your portal, and the free ETS interactive test. I took the practice tests and checked answers as I went through them; that helped me understand why I missed it and what to look for next. I did this for a few weeks before taking the practice exam. I failed the practice exam the first time, but went over my weakest areas and passed it the 2nd time. I also took the ETS practice exam and passed the first time. It was more in line with the actual PPR test. I also went over the test strategies from the free downloadable PPR Manual.

Test: The first few questions were hard to me and I started feeling sick to my stomach! But after the first 10, I was feeling more confident. The test has a lot of ELL questions. Study reading, writing, listening and speaking levels for ELL. Know the difference between words like homogeneous and heterogeneous. Read the question, then re-read the question with the answer you think is correct. I wrote down questions that I was unsure of and worded it to make sense to me. I planned on doing 25 questions then take a break, but I wound up completing half of the questions before I needed a rest. I came back rejuvenated and completed the 2nd half fairly quickly. I had enough time to go back over my test and I only changed 1 answer. I passed the first time with a 252! Total time was 2 1/2 hours. Rest the night before! Good luck!

Strategy #7

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Studying for the test included a combination of attending a live PPR review session and using the Texas Teacher's PPR review/exam simulator. I first attended the PPR live review, which help me to understand to take the exam with a perfect world mindset. After attending the live review, I began reviewing flash cards via the simulator to learn the meaning to key words and concepts. The next step was taking the practice exam, which I did not pass on the first go around, but it gave valuable insight into my weak and strong areas. I continued studying each Domain section separately and was able to pass the simulator on the second try. All-in-all, it took about two steady weeks to get through each section to study.

Test: Taking the test was similar to the simulator. However, the actual test had 100 questions, versus the simulator 90 questions. The questions were similar to the simulator, but contained key words that you will have to focus in on in order to narrow down your selection. Sometimes the best two answers appeared to both be correct. I do recommend taking a short 10 minute break during the test (but only if half-way through with time remaining). The overall test took about 4 hours to take, where as, the simulator test took about 3 hours to take. Just study, study, study, and think perfect world.

Strategy #8

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I went through 3 study mode sets via Texas Teachers online review with Certify Teacher, then took the practice to get approval to test. Thursday night I reviewed my weakest competencies. The following Monday I took the practice test on the ETS site. Wednesday I did a 30 question study mode set on Certify Teacher, and took the test on Thursday. On the way to the testing site, I listened to TELPAS Proficiencies as a refresher.

Test: The test seemed a bit easier than expected, taking about an hour and a half. I went all the way through the test, quickly marking questions that stumped me for review. I knew I needed to move forward rather quickly or else I would over think the questions. I took a quick break and then went back and answered the questions that I marked for review (I only changed 1 or 2 answers during this process). I took the test on Thursday evening and received results Tuesday morning. I passed with a 281. My advice is to stay focused and take your time, but don't overthink. Make sure you read the questions clearly.

Strategy #9

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I studied for about 3 weeks using the PPR link from Texas Teacher. I used "study option 2" so that I could quiz on individual competencies. I only failed 2 of the quizzes and passed those once I retook them. Passed the PPR whole exam review on the second try. I studied a couple hours using REA's study guide exams and the Texas Teacher study resource taking quizzes. I focused on questions regarding ELL's and laws.

Test: The test seemed easier than what I studied; I was done in an hour and a half. I have been teaching since the beginning of school year and I know that that real experience helped me. Eliminate the two obviously wrong answers and then pick the answer that addresses only the question asked. Don't read anything into the question that isn't asked. I was glad I studied the teacher responsibilities and the questions regarding ELL's. Focus on the ages and grade level of the student in the question. I was told the test was common sense and to imagine the best case scenarios. I tested Thursday evening and received scores on Tuesday.

Strategy #10

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the online practice test on the ETS website, the practice test on your Texas Teachers portal, and a test on Quizlet. I did the PPR practice exam 4 times and continued to the read the explanations of the correct answers ONLY.

Test: Make sure to know your ELL's info and always pick answers that benefit the student, never the teacher. Think about the answers as if you have unlimited resources and time. Good Luck! I passed on the first try with a 276. I took it Friday and received my results this morning. Never go back and change your answers! There were 2 that I adjusted after I was done and ended up missing those.

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