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Strategy #11

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I started studying about two weeks before the test and studied more the last three days. I used the free state preparation manual and bought study materials from Certify Teacher for $55 and the ETS manual for about $19. I tried Quizlet and online resources (like google) to search for definitions and explanations of different terminologies. I would say all of these resources helped me pass. I thought the key thing was to read the explanation for each question and then know what all the other choices meant. I didn't bother much with the different domains, which takes up almost half of the manuals.

Test: I had the annoying feeling that I was not ready enough for this test. However, I think the preparation materials were kind of harder than the test. I felt very comfortable yet uneasy. The questions were confusing and I felt like I didn’t understand what they were asking. As I continued, the questions got easy and I regained my confidence. I don’t remember a test which has taken 3.5 hours of my time. This one did but I had to go back to review all my questions. Watch out for words such as most likely, less/least likely, grade level (e.g. preschool, grade 4, high school). Use the elimination method to get the correct answer. I ended up passing with 253. I got my results in three days.

Strategy #12

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the online study guide given to us via Texas Teachers. I continued to used it until the day before the test.

Test: Going in, I was already at a disadvantage because I had to reschedule twice due to horrible weather conditions and miscommunication via the testing center. Once I finally was able to reschedule, I had to drive to Austin (3 hours away) because I couldn't take anymore time off from school. As soon as I got off the road, I went to the testing site to see if they had storage for my purse. The guy said I could begin now if I wanted to (I was like 1.5 hours early). I said forget it and went ahead. Half way through the test I began to over think and panic. Maybe because I was tired from the long drive or I studied too much. Who knows! I left feeling very worried and uneasy because the questions didn't seem like anything I had studied via the online material that was given. I was wrong. I got my results back in 3 days and I scored a 280. I had a lot of ELL questions and I made 100% on that competency which probably boosted my score. Just don't panic and try not to over think. Get tons of rest and if you have to travel, try and do it the night before so you are well rested.

Strategy #13

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I studied for 2 1/2 months once or twice a week leading up to the exam. I started with the certify teacher from Texas Teachers until it became repetition. I did the ETS interactive test, a quizlet, the REA practice test, and a preparation manual practice test. The Mississippi Library Commission has two free practice tests that had several question that were identical to the real test. Last but not least, T-certify has great notes and power points with a practice test at the end. The reason I choose different resources was to see if I could apply the different knowledge to any test.

Test: The exam was not hard at all. I wrote down on scratch paper the questions I didn't know. I carefully read through the exam. I used the process of elimination. I finished in 3 hours and passed the first time.

Strategy #14

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the Texas Teachers practice exams via Certify Teacher. I took it 4 different times, and spaced it out between studying the competencies I struggled with. Each time my score increased. The fourth time around I felt comfortable so I stopped there. Four times was golden for me but your number of practices might differ. I felt comfortable once I scored in the 90's consistently. The practice tests offered the greatest number of questions and allows you to comprehend the theories behind the questions. I also went over the free TEA practice test. There's only about 40 questions here, but they were helpful because they offered theories behind the answers. Take as many practice exams as you need to, just don't memorize the answers. Memorize the theory. There weren't any questions on the real test that were exactly the same as the practice tests. Know the terms on the flash cards because you never know which terms will be on your test. I was told beforehand that there's many ELL questions and they were right! Just re-do the ELPS lesson from your intern portal. It's equipped with info, quizzes, and great links you can print to study. This helped me the most with ELL. Make sure you know the difference between beginner, intermediate, advanced, and advanced high.

Test: This test was easier than I expected. I got a 274. I studied about 3 weeks for a few hours a day. Don't over think the answers because it really is very learner centered and common sense. Mark the answers you don't know and come back to them at the end. Try not to change your answers. Take a break after 50 questions, it helps to recharge your brain. I finished in 3.5 hours. If you're cold natured, wear a light jacket because it gets chilly in the testing center. Take a deep breath, relax, and do your thing. You will do just fine!

Strategy #15

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I started studying about two weeks before the test. I used the free interactive test and the free state preparation manual. I bought the certify teacher test for $55 and the ETS manual from for about $19. I would say all these resources helped me. I thought the key thing was to read the explanation for each question and then know what all the other choices meant. I didn't bother much with the different domains, which takes up almost half of the manuals.

Test: I thought the test was what I expected however I was expecting to score higher than a 263. Within 2.5 hours I was done. I used the elimination method. I would write ABCD on scratch paper and eliminate each one until I had the correct answer. I took one break. Make sure you arrive on time. Read, review, practice, pray, have peace of mind and you will pass!

Strategy #16

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I went to the face-to-face PPR review to get background information. I took the PPR exam on the review module and passed the first try with a 261. I went over the flashcards several times and took the quiz twice. I also did the interactive practice test online.

Test: The test was a little harder than I anticipated, but I was able to narrow down majority of my answers. Take your time on the test. I took small mental breaks at my seat to relax. I was very nervous about my outcome. I took my test Monday morning and got my results back on Friday. I passed with a 278.

Strategy #17

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I started by taking the test on certify teacher to see how much I needed to prepare and passed the first time with a 242. I then went through each competency and identified the ones that I scored below 75% and made quizzes for each one until I felt comfortable. The only other resource I used was the prep manual from TEA. I felt sufficiently prepared after studying for about a week before the test.

Test: I felt that the test was pretty easy. Out of all the tests I have taken, I walked out of this one feeling the most confident I had passed. The most important strategy for me during the test and through my preparation was to read the questions more than once and identify exactly what it was asking. Usually if you feel that there could be a couple answers that are correct, read the question and look at EXACTLY what it is asking. Aside from that, keep in mind what everyone says about picking the best answer in a perfect world scenario, and you will do fine. I took the test on 1/23/15 and got my results on 1/27/15. I passed with a 282.

Strategy #18

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I took the test on 8/12/14. I took the practice test through certify teacher and I failed. I took a second time and passed w a 240. A couple months later right before my official test I failed again. This made me so nervous! I immediately went through the different competency tests through certify teacher and took them until I only missed a couple each time. I took another full length practice test and did very well. Next, I took the ets interactive test to make sure I would do okay. I was tending to memorize the certify teacher questions so I wanted to make sure I was able to transfer and apply info. I missed about 14 on it out of 90 but still did well. I got to my test location early and went through the flash cards on my iPhone from certify teachers just to refresh the theorists and definitions before I went in.

Test: There were only a few questions that were similar to certify teacher questions. Many said what is the " best" was to handle this or that. I completed 100 questions in an hour and 10 min ( I am a fast test taker). I left fairly confident but not sure since many answers could be narrowed down to 2 possible answers. I got my score 3 days after the test and passed with a 273!

Strategy #19

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used all the resources provided by texas teachers; the practice exams are extremely helpful-- i found similar questions from the practice exams from texas teachers in the real test. The exam modes are also very helpful as you can tailor them to domains where you feel you need help the most help. I took many practice tests from this program, but also took booklet tests that were from free sources.

Test: The test was very difficult for me. I found similar questions from the review in the actual test. I found it very helpful to get very familiar with the estructure of the test, the domains such as human development, and ELL's scenarios are definitely predominant. Piaget is a big one on the test, so make sure you understand and can apply his theories of human development to ideal classroom situations. Regarding test-taking techniques, I took my time and took as many breaks as were necessary as to not overhwelm myself-- i am not a great test taker. I did not rush and went over the test one more time... it is important to read the questions thoroughly- practice what we preach to our students when they take the STAAR test! My score was a 257 and i took it on 8/5/14. It was the first time i have taken it.

Strategy #20

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I checked out books from the public library and the MOST valuable book that prepared me was the "TExES PPR EC-12." This book outlined all of the competencies, and it contained several interactive tests that you could take online or manually. Don't just know the definitions of vocabulary or the Theorists views. Know how to apply and identify the material when applying your answers to real life classroom experiences. I can't stress enough how taking the sample test MANY times helped me when taking the actual exam. Take the exam on (Texas Teachers PPR review) many times. By doing this it prepared me on dissecting each test question as I took the exam. I would not study any differently for this test than I did.

Test: I did not find the test that difficult. The part I felt was tricky and confusing were the the questions where there was a scenario and 3-5 questions for that one scenario. Know each competency, and any vocabulary you do recognize or understand as you study. Lastly, when taking the exam rule out the two answers which you know are wrong and think about the competencies when selecting the correct answer. I passed on my first attempt and studied approximately 2 1/2 months for the test off and on. Good Luck!

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