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Strategy #11

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the practice exams from Texas teachers (certify). I studied off and on for 3 weeks. I took the practice test over and over again until I felt comfortable with the information. The practice test are very detailed and was the only source I used to study.

Test: I took my test on 6/16/14. It was pretty similar to the practice test. The only thing that caught me off guard was the amount of ELL/ESL questions there were so be sure to study those if you aren't familiar with it. Got my scores back within 24 hours and passed with a 265. Good Luck!!!

Strategy #12

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the Texas Teacher provided study materials. I used the study questions, flashcards, and practice exams. In addition, I took the Interactive Practice Exam on the ETS website. I found all of these resources extremely helpful. In regards to the Texas Teachers practice exams, I completed all of them. The more you practice the more you learn how questions are worded- making it easier come test day.

Test: The test was about what I expected. I felt that the Texas Teachers practice exams and the ETS Interactive exam adequately prepared me for this test. I studied for about three weeks before the exam every day and studied/went over any concepts in the exams that I lacked knowledge on. I would just recommend studying and making sure to remember that most questions are geared towards "student centered" learning and "positive reinforcement". Good luck!

Strategy #13

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I took the Texas Teachers practice exams. I believe I took it 5 different times. I also did the TeXes State Prep Manual that has 40 practice questions. This is all I would recommend. You need to do the State Prep as well.

Test: Test was what I expected. I would recommend not taking the test at the end of your probationary year. Only because the test is all about perfect world scenarios and your school could be different. You need to allow yourself some classroom time, but not enough to think that your school is exactly the way a perfect world works, if that makes any sense. I passed the first time, and took 2.5 hours. Relax and good luck!!

Strategy #14

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Studying for the PPR I used the REA PPR study guide as well as the practice test provided by the TExES Preparation Resources. The REA study guides provides a diagnostic test as well as 2 practice test. The most useful part of using the REA was the answers and reasoning behind the answers. The way the questions were worded were very similar to the actual test. The TExES Preparation Resources practice questions were exactly like the actual test questions. I am almost positive there were a few exactly the same. I study the REA PPR study guide for about a month and took the practice test once a week. Don't try to memorize the answers. The questions are all applied knowledge meaning knowing just definitions will not help you. The two resources i mentioned should help you. If I could have done anything different I would say I would have studied more consistently meaning a hour or two everyday for the month. I passed but I did not feel confident. Good luck

Test: The test was exactly like the questions on the TExES Preparation Resources practice test as well as the REA PPR preparation manual. The test was challenging and you really need to be able to read and understand what the question is asking you, knowing that will eliminate the two distractions right away. This test is very passable but it will take studying.

Strategy #15

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I studied the Certify Teacher material provided by Texas Teachers. I took all three practice tests to prepare. The questions on the practice tests are a lot like the questions on the real test.

Test: The test was easier than expected. Make sure to get your rest and eat! The answer choices will always come down to two that seem correct. Read the question carefully to choose the correct one. I started the test at 4:30pm and finished by 6:45pm. I passed with a 257 :)

Strategy #16

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I did the texas teachers prep, it took 3 times to pass the practice. Then i used the REA book, I focused on reading the practice test, and the answer explanations. There were a lot of esl questions that i did not know or study. There were also some definitions like pageants, or blooms stuff. I went through the test 3 or 4 times. I changed answers when I really decided what they were asking me. Also someone told me the answer will always be positive. As in the correct answer is never something negative done to the student.

Test: I took it at UTSA....DO NOT BRING YOUR PHONE, the will not let you have your phone in the building leave it in the car. I took 3 hours I passed the first time with a 285.

Strategy #17

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the texes interactive practice test, REA texes PPR book with cd-rom, and texes study materials.

Test: : The test was alittle similar to the interactive test. I thought the interactive test was easier than the actually test. There are a lot of ESL questions and assessment type questions. I took it yesterday (5/1/14) and found out I passed in 24 hrs. I barely passed, good luck!

Strategy #18

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: The online review provider by Texas Teachers is adequate to pass the test. I started studying 48 hours before my test and the review was the only thing I focused on. I passed with a 260; I took the test on a Monday (4/21/2014) and got the result on Tuesday, within 24 hrs.

Test: It is easy to eliminate 2 of the 4 answer choices. With a little and careful thinking, I was able to figure out the correct answer between the two remaining. I took my time on the test. The allotted time is 5 hours and I finished in 4 hours.

Strategy #19

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I studied the material provided by ETS and practice their interactive test, it helped very much and I would recommend it.

Test: It was as I expected. In order to pass it you really need to pay close attention to what the question is asking.

Strategy #20

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used only what is provided here at Texas Teachers (certify teacher?) I took the study exam and then the qualifying exam, which I passed on the first try. -Then I took it 3 more times I believe. Most of the questions are similar - keywords and correct responses.

Test: At first I started to panic because there were so many ESL questions and I haven't reviewed the content in a while (excluding TELPAS) but I kept going. I answered all 100 questions in a little over an hour and rechecked all of them after I marked all of my answers. I got a 282 so it all worked out.

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