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Strategy #21

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the Xam Study Guide read it front to back and empahasized the parts that I was not great in and marked all in it. I also used the website and bought 5 practice tests. Those practice test did help me but I feel like some of the physics was extremely difficult and not like the real test. Last I used free study guide on the SBEC website, this was helpful in the wording of the test.

Test: It was easier in physics that I expected and about the same in Chemistry and all the different biology domains. One thing do to is not to rush though the test, take your time to read out the questions and answer choices slowly, they give you 5 hours which is ample time.

Strategy #22

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the free tea study guide very little other than to see what the competencies are. I bought the program. It was a little too expensive for what it turned out to be, but also pretty helpful for pointing out my weak spots after studying for a while. I initially used wikibooks to review the subjects, but as I got closer I picked up REA's Chemistry Builder and Kaplan's SAT II Physics Review. I would really recommend both books for practice problems and straight forward explanations. Since I recently graduated with a biology degree, I didn't really study bio.

Test: The Biology, Chemistry, and Physics sections were about on par with what I expected. I was glad that I'd done alot of practice problems. I was, however, completely unprepaired for how in depth the questions on geology and astronomy were. I still passed, but I would have liked to have maybe read through an introductory book each subject.

Strategy #23

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used TExES 136 study guide from Mometrix Media LLC. But, after looking at the sample questions, available on, few days before the test, I realized that just studying the guide is not enough to pass the test. This is true especially for physics problems which you find throughout the test. The above mentioned study guide, at the best, provides only cursory information on most of the components. I would not recommend this study guide. In the hind sight, I think I would have been better of if I had studied using freely available material on the internet. Wikipedia and particularly are some of the best sources. Paying close attention to different domains and their content, which are available in the down-loadable preparation manual on, is the key. The study materials recommended at the end of this manual might be the best study sources, but I did not get a chance to use them as it was too late by the time I got to know about them.

Test: The test was much easier than expected. Also five hours is a lot of time to take a 130 questions test. Some questions ask for a common sense and so can be scored easily.

Strategy #24

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: The online sources from ETS and Spark notes.

Test: It was about the same as I thought.

Strategy #25

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the XAM study guide.

Test: It is long and not that easy. Make sure you know evolution, food chains, geology, and very basic concepts.

Strategy #26

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I printed the sample questions from the state practice manual. I wrote down every concept I did not fully understand and used the internet and college textbooks to find answers. I would suggest anyone taking this test to study this way. Many of the questions on the exam cover similar topics that show up in the practice questions.

Test: The test was easier than I expected. I expected more physics questions that required a formula, but I found that there were more difficult chemistry questions. If you have a background in science, you already have the ability to think through the questions. Relax and take your time on the test. There will be plenty of time to think through each question.

Strategy #27

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: On the Texes website, many of the tests have pdf reviews with pracitce questions. I found this resource to be by far the most beneficial because it allowed me to be accustomed to the test format as well as the subject matter. There are 90 practice questions for this tst. I found the XAM review I purchased too comprehensive and the practice questions too simplistic. In terms of the content, I found the test to be largely common sendse and someone taking it should be familiar with the format (reading graphs, charts, and diagrams).

Test: The test was easier than expected. For one, it was basically a marathon (130 questions, i believe?) Also, even with the amount of questions you have more than enough time, 5 hours so take your time to eliminate the choices on the more complicated questions. I would say 9 out of 10 questions you coudl easily bring it to two choices so pick an answer and mark the question if something rings a bell, there will be more than enough time to go back.

Strategy #28

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the xam online study book to get a good idea of what the test would cover. I also used other books to get a deep understanding such as ap biology, physics, enviromental science, and used some sat books revelant to the material. I thought those books were really helpful b/c all those books prepare for standardized tests, and get feel for the questions that will be asked. Most important it weeds out all the info you dont need to know.

Test: It was expected. The section that gave me the most trouble was chemistry b/c I didnt use ap book or sat book to study for that section. When studying grasp concepts as opposed to details, that way you can rational answer choices. Other than that, there are no tricks on the test. You can pass it aswell.

Strategy #29

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I mainly used the practice exam online only since my background is Science-based. I did research online and in old college texts for cometencies I needed extra review and help.

Test: The test was very difficult, but I was expecting that. It was very similar (question-type) to the practice exam.

Strategy #30

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I recently graduated with a BS in biology so i used my textbooks for chemistry and bio. I used the study guide on tea website and the released taks test. I didnt take physics in college so I basically had to learn physics which i used wikipedia for a lot and just googled things I didnt understand.

Test: I found this test to be challenging. there are multiple versions of the test however and they have a scale for difficulty to make things fair...but i dont know what the magical formula for hardness is. I did the worst in the physics part got 12 out of 24 correct..thank goodness I studied ( could've been worse) Anyway took it this past saturday june 13th and got my result on monday (today). In case you didn't know it's 130 questions 10 are not scored but are experimental to determine use in the future.Well I 'm thrilled because I passed on my first try and I left the exam feeling really unsure. so definitely study and take this test never know which version you're going to get and you really dont want to throw 120 dollars down the drain. I'm super happy right now. Good luck!

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