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Strategy #1

Study: I worked through all of the chapter reviews in the IPC textbook. I also did TAKS reviews and looked at Wikipedia for the higher level competencies.

Test: Just study for at least a straight week. It wasn't too bad.

Strategy #2

Study: I found I didn't remember much chemistry before I started Studying. I found that the Homework Helpers Chemistry guide taught me EVERYTHING that was on the test (with the exclusion of the orbital notation for cobalt, which I guessed correctly). I found the book much eaiser to read then a text book, which helps since its not my strong suit. They offer on in all the sciences but I only have first hand knowledge of the Chemistry book. Not to brag, but I did very well, and I think this book certianly is largely responsible for that. I also used the study guide from the state to identify weak area's and studied those more heavily. In retrospect I probably would have studied electromagnetic fields more, there was more on the test about that then I expected

Test: I had a challenge that day, I miss understood the amount of time for that test, I thought I would only have 2.5 hours, so I had scheduled something after that point I couldn't miss. Well you actually have all 5 hours if you want them, Also we started 45 minutes late, so I ended up with on 2 hours to take the test. I still passed but didn't have time to review my answers. You will have 5 hours to take the whole test, I wished I had known. Their were more electro-mangetic questions than I expected. If I had to prepare again, I would have given myself more than two weeks to study, and also purchase the Homework Helpers Physics book. I did get a 280, in only 2 hours, so it isn't an impossible test. I certanly would not have passed had I not studied very hard for two week though.

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