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Strategy #1

Study: I used a Kaplan study guide for the dental school admission test. I went through and took notes using the competencies outlined by the State. I read through those notes over and over again. A general Chemistry textbook would also work. This method proved to be effective.

Test: The test was tough. The scientific theory questions were the most challenging. There were also classroom situational questions that were challenging. Luckily, they throw out a bunch of questions. I really didn't think I passed, but the multiple choice helps. There are generally 2 answers that are completely wrong and 2 to chose from.

Strategy #2

Study: I studied the textbook, 'Chemistry - The Central Science' 6th edition - chapters 1 - 22. Work problems in chapter. Don't worry about problems at end of chapter. Know basics of each concept - don't fret on details.

Test: Easier than I expected.

Strategy #3

Study: Used the Study Guide on the Texas Teachers website. It seemed to be enough for me. I was actually in college and doing this materials when I took the test. Best thing for the test is just to do problems. There are alot of teaching questions as well as "history of science" type questions.

Test: It was a little harder because of the teaching questions. The science portion is not very hard. Someone told me for the teaching questions: don't pick answer choices that are absolute (i.e. never, always); and pick answer choices that are student-focused rather than teacher-specific.

Strategy #4

Study: I used Cliff notes for Chemistry and Chemistry Demystified to review the basics. I would strongly urge reviewing a college Chemistry textbook. Also check out AP Chemistry websites that teachers have for their students...good place to get some questions to practice on.

Test: The test wasn't too hard but the problems were definitely college level.

Strategy #5

Study: I used an official Texas approved text. Don't stress about it, stay calm and relaxed.

Test: It was easier than I thought it would be, but it took longer than I expected. It was basic chemistry, not random facts.

Strategy #6

Study: Textbook: "Chemistry: The Central Science" 9th Edition, 2003

Test: n/a

Strategy #7

Study: I used a general college chemistry book. I went from front to back studying, skipping some of it that wasn't taught in college (i.e. green chemistry). The way I would study differently would be to include tjhose thinkgs I skiped and know some teaching terminology. I would tell them to do the same, because I passed.

Test: I don't think it was necessarily hard, but it did ask somethings that would not be taught in high school. Don't delay in studying if it has been a long time since seeing the material. However, the material can be done in days if it hasn't been a long time. The hint is that they did ask about teaching terms(i.e. methods)

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