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Strategy #1

Study: I used Shaum's Outline: (1) College Physics and (2) College Algebra; they are in the same order of preparation manual, and I also used a good freshman college level Physics textbook. I already have Math 4-8 and Math 8-12 certifications, and have been teaching math for three years, so I didn't spend time studying the math portion. I would suggest a good study of math for 6 weeks. I studied Physics for three weeks before the test.

Test: There are 120 questions: 1-60 Math questions; 61-120 Physics questions. The Math questions require lots of calculations and concepts, and is kind of time consuming. The Physics questions don't require lots of calculations and formulas. You just need to know basic concepts and be sure to study all the areas in the textbook. Math took me 2.5 hours and Physics took me 1.5 hours. I stayed the entire 5 hours. There are too many questions to have time to do all the questions over again. If you are sure you have the correct answer, cross the entire question out because you don't need to read them again.

Strategy #2

Study: I used the XAM book as well as Schaum's Outline of College Physics. I basically used the XAM book to guide me through the topics I needed to review. I also used an old college Physics book I had, but didn't refer to it often.

Test: The math portion was exactly the same as the 8-12 math test, so see that topic. I even saw several of the same questions. The physics portion was almost entirely conceptual with only a couple fairly basic, solve the problem, sort of questions. There was much more on concepts and teach strategies. Probably the hardest problems related to magnetic and electric fields, so make sure you really understand those. Very few kinetic questions. Overall, the test was somewhat easier than I had expected. My total prep time was about 3 weeks, but I had take the math 8-12 previously, so that 3 weeks didn't include any prep time for the math portion.

Strategy #3

Study: The internet was very useful, everything that you need is online. Once you have the breakdown of all the domains the information is easily accessible online. I suggest devoting 3 weeks to studying for this exam. The math is significantly simpler than the physics. More focus should be placed on physics. I did it in one week and I did fine, but some more preparation would be better.

Test: The math was easier than expected and the physics was not very difficult but a lot of questions from my second and third year of college popped up. Dynamics, statics and electromagnetism are definitely areas to focus on. For math, the most difficult part was probability. Study guides are not going to teach you the content! They are guidelines.

Strategy #4

Study: The practice test online worked well. Be prepared for 3.5 - 5 hours of testing. It was a good challenge.

Test: It was a little harder and a lot longer than I expected. The questions are not tricky.

Strategy #5

Study: Materials used: Cliff Quick Reviews are great since they get to the heart of the matter and also have quizzes. I highly recommend these. I bought the physics, trig, pre-calculus, calculus, geometry, and statistics guides. For physics, I highly recommend Basic Physics, A Self-Teaching Guide by Kuhn. This is a good review book with questions and it covers all topics. Possible to cover in a few days. Also, I bought the XAM Mathematics-Physics 8-12 guide. I found this to be useful but it did have some errors in it and the material was covered more deeply than it needed to be so use it as a secondary resource. Finally, the ETS provided study guide was useful in terms of seeing what the actual test format looks like.

Test: I found the test to be easier than expected. This assumes that you actually take the time to prepare. Both sections were fairly straight forward in terms of content. The only question that I remember that I didn't expect was one about logic so I suggest studying your basic logic symbols. The math covered mostly pre-calculus. There were a couple of basic calculus questions. There were some statistics questions so learn your basic statistics. The physics covered mostly mechanics and electricity and magnetism. Definitely learn your geometrical optics basics though as there were a couple of these in the test. As long as you take the time to prepare, especially if you use the references mentioned above, you will be fine. Good luck!

Strategy #6

Study: -College Freshman Physics Book- I did nothing but study for a few days. Refreshed my memory on statistics vocabulary.

Test: The test was about what I expected. Just study a college freshman general physics text book and review math vocabulary and you should be fine; assuming your math skills are adequate.

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