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Strategy #11

Study: I purchased the XAM ExCET book for this test. It worked well for a basic overview and to expose my weaknesses so that I knew what to study further. I did independent reading, researched history, art, and literature, and studied the geography of the Spanish-speaking countries. Also, I watched a lot of Spanish television to practice my comprehension.

Test: It was easier than I expected, but that is always a nice surprise. For a language test like this, the most important thing is listening, reading comprehension and grammar. Read in Spanish, watch Spanish TV and for grammar study "501 Spanish Verbs".

Strategy #12

Study: I used a high school Spanish textbook and a Spanish AP test prep book. Just review what is taught at several high school levels.

Test: It was about what I expected. Take your time, use process of elimination, and skip a question if you are unsure and then go back to it.

Strategy #13

Study: Used the state review materials. Also got a book from a bookstore about grammar just to review.

Test: It was hard because it didn't have that much information in the history and cultural part.

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