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Strategy #31

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the Texes test preparation manual from the Texes website, and some of the practice test questions on the site as well.

Test: I walked away from the test feeling like I had failed the exam. I think it's important to view the answers and focus on student-centered responses. Take your time, be confident, and mark questions that you're not certain about. I passed with a 250. Best wishes.

Strategy #32

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I did not buy any study materials for the Special Education exam. I studied and learned the terms. If you know the terms you can answer a majority of the questions, of which many are situational questions. I also looked up free practice exams online and studied those for 2 days before the test. I studied 2 weeks for maybe an hour a day.

Test: You may feel you didn't do well on the exam because a lot of questions have several right answers, but you have to choose the best answer. You will do better than you think. I thought I was going to be borderline, but I passed with a 264. I took the test on a Saturday and received my scores on Tuesday.

Strategy #33

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I SWEAR by T-CERT. Texas Teachers has amazing links to great resources. I downloaded the SBEC preparation manual from their website to study the domains. I had it bound at Kinkos so I could take it with me and highlight. Then I went to T-CERT. AMAZING website. The modules on T-Cert helped me pass. They give you great links to resources - disorders, the noted disabilities, Idea 2004 and I Googled more from the PDFs they linked too. I also downloaded the ARD Guide to my Kindle so I could read it everywhere. KNOW what every disorder falls under with the IDEA Act. I had only one concrete law question. The rest were all situational based but READ the tips on how to best instruct children with each disability (ADHD - remove distractions on the walls, move closer to from of the room, etc). T-CERT got me a 255. It's the TRUTH!

Test: I'd say it was LONG vs. hard. I knew the material but it just seemed to go on and on. Take as many breaks as you need. I too about 4. A break whenever I started getting restless and to give me some energy. READ the question thoroughly. I can't stress this enough. The question is the key to the answer. Note grade level and think about where they should be developmentally at that point and the approach the question. A few times I picked an answer and marked it then went back and noted the questions said Pre-K vs kindergarten. It's small but there are key differences in the two. NOTE that.

Strategy #34

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I studied using the Texes, XAMonline, and Quizlet. I also used flash cards that I had handwritten to prepare for the test, whenever I had downtime I would review my flash cards. I carried them everywhere! I personally liked using quizlet and the Texes study materials to prepare for this test. For my next test which with be the EC-6 Generalist I plan to use the same study method.

Test: This test was very difficult. After talking with some others who have also taken any of the Texes content test in general, all have had the same opinion. Even though the study materials helped, it was by no means anything that was on the test. By using the study materials I found it easier to be able to apply the concepts I learned and reviewed for weeks to the scenarios that were presented on the test. My advice would be to review and study the different online tests and the study guides as I had mentioned before. I passed on my first try with a 258. Good luck!

Strategy #35

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: First, I am a teacher and have been for several years. I have been involved in MANY ARD'S and have a good idea how they work. Now with that said I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the exam pro study guide and used the free one on SBEC website.

Test: This test is LONG!!!! Take breaks and do some exercises to get the blood flowing. It is as hard as they say it is. you will be able to narrow it down to 2 correct answer but those 2 are going to be REALLY close. I studied for about 2 hours a night 3 days before the exam. Passed with a 265. Good Luck!!

Strategy #36

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I studied using the Certify Teacher program, Quizlet flash cards, REA SPED EC-12 Book/practice exams and completing the Texas Teachers SPED modules. The combination of all of these materials and studying at least 2 hours during the week for 8 weeks before testing made me feel confident about taking and passing the exam. I did a mini quizlet refresh my memory review of ELA terms in the car before going in to take the exam. I would study the same way because the end result is worth it!

Test: The exam requires a lot of concentration because a majority of the exam is scenario based. Read the questions several times before answering. There are always two answers for a question that are completely untrue, then two very similar. Read the question again and apply critical thinking skills when choosing your answer. The certify teacher program has very difficult math problems, but on the exam there were maybe 5 basic math problems, however there was a substantial amount of teaching math and ELA questions. I would say use quizlet flash cards to memorize ELA terms, it was a huge part of the exam. Take a break or do some office chair stretches to relieve anxiety or tension, just relax and focus and you will pass! That is what I did, and I passed on my first attempt!

Strategy #37

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I ordered a used SPED study guide from Half Price books: XAM TExES Special Education EC-12, 161. It is huge, about 500 pages. Extremely thorough. I studied, took notes, took the practice test over and over. I also went ahead and completed the Texas Teachers SPED for the SPED Teacher class and it was extremely helpful. I studied everyday for 6-8 weeks, 1-2 hours daily. I stopped studying 2 days before. I reviewed 2 small areas of concern for me the morning of.

Test: I used the strategies in my study guide: went through all the ones I knew, marked the ones I was unsure of but answered initially, and went back to the marked ones. I marked "b" for the ones I just couldn't figure out, didn't change unless I would bet $5. I finished in an hour and a half. Got my score in 3 days, did very well the first time passing with a 279. I found the key is to use the themes the SPED class tells you at the end: LRE, independence, best outcome, and memorizing the words and underlying meaning of all the laws. I was able to understand exactly what the purpose of the question was. They're almost all conceptual.

Strategy #38

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used REA study guide and also Sharon Wynne. Both guides were great study material although Wynne's book had lots of typos but very detailed filled with much needed information. I also use online free practice test Very resourceful site.

Test: When I began the test, I was thinking OMG I do not know the answers but as I got halfway through the test it became easier. I finished in about 3 hours which allowed 2 hours to go back and re read each question and be able to review the entire test helped so much and everything seemed so much clearer. I followed the recommended study guide in REA guide and dedicated 45 minutes to 1 hour each day and I passed on first attempt with 254. Thinking about taking it over to improve scores because I know I can do better than that. Just relax and you will do fine! Enjoy your teaching career!

Strategy #39

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the Texes book (blue and white) and I'm sure every practice test I could find on google. Towards the last few days, I even took tests from different states to see if I could pass them. I was ranging between 80-95% on the practice exams and honestly I was confident that I would pass regardless of how close my score was to 300. This test is so random, I don't really know how I could have studied differently or even be more prepared. I honestly studied up until the last minute despite people saying "stop practicing a couple days before".

Test: I probably talked to about seven people who have passed the test. 6 out of 7 said it was easy, so of course I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. WRONG! It was so hard and had a lot of things on there that I barely studied or even read about in the book. Luckily, my mother is a SPED teacher for 36 years and I just thought about how she would answer a majority of the situational questions. I really suggest, if you have time, to sub/sit in/talk to SPED teachers and their classes. It makes the test and the situations a lot easier to understand and analyze if you have experienced it first hand. Even with the environment I took the test in (A/C went out half way through, this guy kept cracking his knuckles and a light bulb was out on the light above my seat)I still was able to pass with a 256 (85%) which is good enough for me! Just get some rest and study on specific types of autism (asperger's was a heavy topic on my test), specific laws and MATH (my forte is english but thank goodness I passed that section).

Strategy #40

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the XAM Special Education EC - 12 study guide. This guide was partially helpful. The practice test in the back of the book was 30% situational based questions and the test is about 90% situational based. I typed "Free Special Education practice test" in google and a couple of free tests were available. I found a practice test from the state of Washington which was REALLY helpful. This test was 100% situational based questions. I used quizlet to formulate a list of special education terms/acro's.(FAPE,ADHD/ADD, IDEA 1997, IDEA 2004, Autism, LSSP, ARD, receptive language disorder, CBT, etc...)

Test: The test was exactly what I expected. Please focus more on sections (II & III) of the Special Education 161 exam there are 40 questions a per section which counts for about 80 questions out of the total 120 graded out of 135 total questions. I did not pass on the first attempt, but passed on the second try. Like others have mentioned think Least Restrictive Environment and student centered responses. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY AND YOU WILL PASS! GOOD LUCK!!

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