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Strategy #51

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: First, I read a lot from this site. I went online and took practice tests from TEA and wherever there was an online practice. I went over the flashcards on quizlet. No memorization for me, just hoped recognition would work. I also started studying other state tests. It was surpising how the people to study were different in other states. Familiar but different. A week before the test I went to the library and checked out Praxis Study Guide by Sharon Wynne. It was mostly a review of all previous stuff but actually answered some questions I did not know. I stopped all studying two days before the test.

Test: I started teaching special ed this school year, so I was thrown into all new stuff with IEPs, ARDs, LSSPs, and all the legal stuff. I had heard that no one passes the test the first time and it was really hard. I was nervous. The test had 135 questions, but probably 10 were non-graded questions. There was hardly a mention about famous people. There was hardly a mention about specific bills passed other than NCLB and IDEA. Most were situations. I finished in two hours. As I was taking the test, I felt that it was pretty easy, which worried me! I think my experience gave me the answers to most questions. The Praxis Study Guide would have been a help if I was clueless. Many educational service centers offer a 1-2 day class on IEPs and ARDs. That was very helpful because they taught me how to write an IEP, which was on the test A LOT. Someone told me to think of the world as being a perfect place in every situation, so I did. I passed with a 275.

Strategy #52

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: This is the 1st subject that I became highly qualified in, it took two chances to pass. First time I failed by 6 points, what I did wrong was not prepare the right way. I kinda "assumed" I could wing it or figure it out. I did spend about 10-15 hours studying for this test and I made note cards from The only problem with that is you have a lot of random terms that you study but you don't know how the puzzle fits together. Spend the money, rent a Praxis or Texes study guide and study until you are able to pass the practice tests.

Test: The second time I took this test it was easy breezy. Study the Special Education laws, spend extra time on IDEA and each category of it, especially Autism (know all the conditions similiar to it like Aspergers). For this test study hard but don't worry it's not that bad.

Strategy #53

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I mostly used's software for the ec-12 sped test. I made a few flashcards from quizlet but most of my studying (99%) was from the software. I found the software to almost mirror the actual test in many areas. I really buckled down and studied one week before. I studied for a couple of hours a night from Monday-Wednesday and then probably put in a good 4 hours on Thursday in all. I took the test on Friday, Oct. 13 and received my passing score of 262 on Tuesday, Dec. 17.

Test: It was a lot easier than I expected. Like others have said here, think endless budget, student-centered, and you will do more than fine on this test. I have taken the ec-4 generalist, ec-4 PPR, esl supplemental and now this test. My highest score came on the PPR but this test came very close to that.

Strategy #54

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I studied for the exam, by going to my local Barnes and Noble and looking through the REA book, it had a lot of useful information and covered everything very thoroughly. I also went on quizlet and found a very extensive study set of flashcards, which I printed out and went over about once or twice a week.

Test: The test was easy peazy, I was very worried that it would ask extremely in depth questions about certain subjects that I didn't know... turns out I psyched myself out; what I thought I needed to know was way more than a 1st year teacher would ever be expected to or required to know.

Strategy #55

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the examonline book to study from and then I went to certify teacher and quizlet and practiced the test questions.

Test: The test was about as hard as I thought it was going to be. I finished in 2 hours and wound up with a 274. During the test I used scrap paper to organize my answers ( which were completely wrong and what 2 were possible answers). My secret was practice tests.

Strategy #56

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the optional EC-12 Special Ed module from the TTO website and T-Cert. I did not use any outside source. In hindsite, I would use an outside source but I do not know which one is best. Really concentrate on the BEST answer in a PERFECT world.

Test: The test took me 4 hours and was WAY different than I expected. In reading the forums, I had expected several questions on the 13 disabilities and laws for Special Ed. I had not expected many questions on Math. I did expect lots of situational questions proportioned between elementary, middle school, and high school. rnrnWhat I got was 10 math questions, 1 question on the 13 disabilities, a couple of questions on the laws, and about 5 situational questions on the middle and high school levels. The vast majority of my test was situational at the kindergarten and early elementary school level. VERY different than I expected. I passed with a 244 and was elated, as I did not feel good about it when I walked out. I opinion is that I passed based on studying the TTO optional SPED module. Concentrate hard on the BEST answer in a PERFECT world and you should do fine. By the way, all the students I was assigned to last year, moved to the next grade level, so it is rewarding.

Strategy #57

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Most helpful for me was reading all the posts on this page. The suggestion for were the absolute best. The quizzing of terms helped me become more familiar with the different acronyms. Also, the suggestion to take sample tests from other states was great. Since Special Education is mandated by federal laws, the terms across the states are consistent. I just googled "free practice tests special education" and found the state pages. I didn't purchase anything to study. I think the two Spec Ed modules on Texas Teachers were very helpful.

Test: The most challenging about this test is that there really is just one BEST answer. For example, if I could go back and study, I would make a matrix with grade level, disorder/disability, and subject. Then study how would I differentiate a lesson for different scenarios. For example, how would I help a fifth grader with an unspecified learning disorder (yep, they really say that!) who is having difficulty with reading comprehension. Also, I can't stress enough how important phonics and reading are on this test! If I could go back, I would probably read study material for EC-ELA just for the information. No tricks or hints. Just be prepared for almost ALL scenario questions. Out of 135 questions, I'd guess that 100 were scenarios. So, memorizing all the terms didn't matter too much on the test. I passed the first time with a 279, I didn't know if I passed, though because the scenarios want the BEST answer. The BEST means evidence based on data, which I didn't study!

Strategy #58

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I took the pretest offered in the preparation manual. I reviewed the areas of the answers I got wrong on the pretest. I studied for about 4 days an 1 hr or so each day...basically brushing up on the material I struggled with.

Test: The test was ok. It was not hard, but was long. I was done in 4 hours. Be sure to mark what you are unsure of and then go back at the end. Your brain seems to be clearer when you go back. I received my score the next day. I got a 265!

Strategy #59

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Studied terms on There are a lot of great study options, including flash cards, tests, etc on Quizlet and it is free. Used both of the State Study guides (Regular and Supplemental). Also used Texes Special Ed Study Guide EC-12 and Supplement by Sharon Wynne. These books have a lot of typos but the practice tests helped a lot and there is a lot of good info. Financially I was unable to purchase books and the only ones available I could find at the library were the ones by Sharon Wynne. You can also go on to purchase an online practice test for $14.99. You have to know all of the vocabulary extremely well. Focus on every detail of the IEP process, all processes of reading (phonemes, morphemes, syntax, etc.). Become one with all of the materials. Know the Educational Psychologists - Skinner, Piaget, etc, and what each was known for. Study exceptions to the IEP process. Such as, a principal pulls a study from a regular ed class and brings them to your class and lets you know they will now be in your class permanently - what is the process if this happens. What happens if a parent disagrees with the IEP?

Test: I read through a lot of the comments from the previous test takers on this site. I have always been an excellent test taker, so I disagree with any of the posts that say this test is easy. It is the toughest test I have ever taken but it was only harder because I did not expect the entire test to be all scenario based. It took me 4 and 1/2 hours to finish and I would have used the extra 30 minutes but I hit a wall and could not process any more. If you do not know the material thoroughly then you cannot even begin to guess on the scenarios. There are always two questions that are the best answers. I never answered any of the questions feeling I absolutely knew my answer was the best choice. The best advice on this board for me was to go with your first gut instinct. The only certainty about this test when I left the testing center was that I had failed. Took the test on Saturday and my scores were available Tuesday morning. I was so incredibly and happily surprised when I found out I had indeed passed with a 262. You can do this!!! Find uninterrupted study time, read and take those practice tests and pray that this is the place you are supposed to be. If it is then it will happen for you. I wish you all well!

Strategy #60

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: Take the sample test on the TEA website. Review the ec-4 ELA/reading test as well as the Special Ed. test. Be sure to know IDEA 2004 and the numbers of the various laws and amendments. Know the different kinds of disabilities. Also, ETS has an interactive video on how to take computer assessment. This will help you become familiar on how to navigate the test.

Test: Arrive early to the testing center to avoid being running late and being stressed. Be prepared. The test was a little harder than I expected. Math questions were not hard. A calculator was provided but I did not need it. Mark answers you would like to review and at the end of test go back and review. I didn't change very many answers. I went with my first instinct. I finished the test in two and a half hours. But you have five hours to take the test, which should be plenty of time. I received a score of 275. I was very impressed with the timeliness of reviving my scores. I took the test the morning of July 3rd. ETS closed early on the third for the holiday and did not open until July 8th. I received my results by 9:02 that morning. Good luck.

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