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Strategy #71

This test was taken on Paper.

Study: I used the Texas Teachers online course, the study guide on the ETS site, and the IEP for Parents book from the library. I would also study ELA for EC-6. There were a lot of questions on there that were almost exactly the same as the EC-6 generalist test I took last month.

Test: It was harder than I expected. Not because of the content, but because of the wording of the questions. By the end of the test it felt like my brain was going to explode. Every question reads like this..."In an educational environment where 10 students require IEPs to ensure FAPE as outlined in IDEA 1997 that was revised in 2004 with consideration of NCLB, what should you review after completing RTI or when planning for FBA and BIP and what considerations should the ARD committee make after reviewing the PBS and EHA from 1978 and inline with the concept of LRE?"SOOOO many acronyms and weirdly worded sentences. Just take your time and think about what is best for the students in a perfect world. Also, be sure to review EC-6 language arts if it has been awhile. Be sure to know phonemic awareness. There were many 7 questions in this area. I had one problem based math question and the others were just about the methods of teaching math. Most questions are situational, which are very hard to study for.When I left the test, I was 100% sure I did not pass this test, but I got my score today and passed with a 289...whew!

Strategy #72

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: The only study material that I used was the Texas Teachers training material and the Texes Study Guide. I studied for the test about 2 days prior to taking it.

Test: It was harder than I anticipated but I passed the first time. My best advice is to review the laws, specific disabilities (mentioned during the online training), take your time, use the process of elimination, & look to see if you can find other questions that are similar to ones that you have already answered.

Strategy #73

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the state preparation manual and outside material for the test. They were equally useful and helpful by using different scenarios and questions.

Test: I had no expectations which actually played in my favor. My "trick" was to go through answering the questions I was 100% sure of. If I spent more than 15 seconds on it I moved on. Then answered the ones I could narrow down to 50/50 and so on. Good luck!

Strategy #74

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: For Special Education one should read P.Kindergarten- 6th grade teaching methodology of English and Math.For Professional Responsibility and ARD Disability etc read online sources.

Test: Read all the questions carefully.Don't be fool in tricks.Go slow you have enough time.If need take break and drinks.It mainly to use common sense. Good Luck! Rafee R

Strategy #75

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I made my study guide from the online community, I also use SBC wweb site.

Test: The two hardest sections were 8 and 9, I have been told if you can't pass these two sections you are wasting your money. I have taken the test 8 times and continue to fail by 10 points are less. I need some assistance with passing is there any one that may beable to tell me something that may be beneficial before I take the test next month. Thanks in advance.

Strategy #76

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used xamonline SPED EC -12 161 guide. It has a 125 questions and explainations. The book goes for about $60. I also bought Practice test 1 and 2 which has 60 questions each. These go for about $15 each. I also read a text called Special Education Contemporary Perspectives for School Professionals by Marilyn Friend. It is from 2004 but excellent resource. I also have about 2 months of subbing practicle experience in variety of SPED classes. This really helped me understand lot of stuff in the books. I passed the test 251 out of 300.

Test: Concentrate on Promoting Student Learning and Development, Promoting Student Achievement in ELA/RDG/Math, and Foundations and Prof. Roles and Responsibilities. I only had few questions related directly to IDEA laws. Good luck.

Strategy #77

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I used the online, free state materials and one e-book that was listed as a resourced on Texas Teachers. I took the practice test (Texes) many times and used that to guide my study. I also used to Special Education module through Texas Teachers. Don't forgot it's there!! I really wouldn't change anything about how I studied.

Test: I stuided for a total of about 20 hours spread out over a week or so. The test was about what I expected. The Texes practice test is a geat representation of what will be on the test. Only 3 math questions on mine. You will do fine! I prayed a lot, too. :)

Strategy #78

This test was taken on Computer.

Study:, and the Texas Teachers review. Took the test 10/20/2012. I would suggest getting a text that covers working with special ed. students to get a whole and complete understanding of the classroom strategies.

Test: The test was harder than expected. Know the law surrounding special ed, and reading and math strategies, as well as specfics of the disabilities as you provide them to the student. I felt I was prepared, but after taking the test, I am not sure. The way the questions are worded is tricky. I will see if I passed. Good Luck.

Strategy #79

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: I studied many, many, questions. Online questions, questions from the TEXES study guide, as many as possible. I studied Certify Teach software, made sure I knew everything about ARDs and a general idea about IEPs. I studied constantly about special education laws. I tried to get an idea of as many common disabilities. I studied math, however, there were only scenarios regarding math. There were hardly any questions about laws for my exam. 95% of my questions were situations and scenarios. I probably would not have studied differently because I was prepared; thanks to this online community. I looked over everyone's suggestions a lot also to prepare for this exam.

Test: This test was not necessairly easier than I expected. It was just different than I expected. Do not take the scenarios/situations for granted. Take your time and read carefully. Try to look over as many questions regarding special education as you can. As we all know, most of the time, it's really not a good idea to change your answer. Try to go over your information regularly. Also, even though I did not have many law questions if at all, I would study them constantly as I did. There are many variations and most of the online community saw a lot of law questions on their exams. Do not take a chance to walk in without hardly studying. Be prepared and you'll be fine with a passing score also!!:)

Strategy #80

This test was taken on Computer.

Study: In just read the ebook "Put Reading First," I didn't really study other than that just read that book the morning of the test. Here's the link. I also just took a practice test from Washington.

Test: The only thing difficult about the test was staying on task. 135 questions get old. I took the test on short notice and passed with a 275. The ebook above helped out a ton! Highly recommend it. Take your time and a few breaks as needed. I took the test in groups of 10 questions. It seemed to make it easy. Math was easy. Focused a lot on ELA, but it ended with State and Federal Laws maybe 10 or so. You can handle it.

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